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Poachy is a fan character currently owned by ShiftyKleptomaniac.


Poachy a brown coyote with the grey fur pelt of a grey canine-like animal over his head. He has little to no friends, as most characters fear he’ll kill them. Funnily enough, it's the other way around, too.

He is sarcastic, cynical, and anti-social, with a strong fear of other people. He holds a firm belief that he lives in a kill-or-be-killed world, and that everyone and everything is against him.

He was treated poorly by his father, his mother wasn't in his life for reasons unknown, and other kids treated him horribly as well. These traumatic events resulted in his view of reality, believing no one really cared about him except for his deceased girlfriend, a rabbit named Carrot Cake. (Unnamed in Poachable Eggheads)

He has horrible trust issues and paranoia, believing everyone and everything wants to hurt him. He harms and/or kills other characters in self-defense, though most of the time the one he's harming isn't actually a threat.

He puts on a tough guy act, but in reality he is somewhat lonely.

To reform him, one would need to show him that not everyone is as horrible and bloodthirsty as he perceives them to be, which is easier said than done.

He is very skilled in using guns and other weapons commonly used to hunt. He won't hesitate to physically attack, either, furiously biting and scratching his enemy.

When he does end up trusting someone and feeling comfortable around them, he becomes very clingy, following them around, clinging to them, and getting upset when they're not around.

Poachy almost never survives his episodes. Most of his deaths include getting skinned and animal attacks (ironically). The only episodes he survived so far are An Odd Kind of KindEvil Ap-poach-ingIf It Ain't Broke Don't Mix ItRhino-Plasty and Glass Eyed and Beaver Tailed.

Poachy's episodes

Starring roles

Featuring roles



  1. Hunter Season: Massacred by Hornless.
  2. Chimera Hunt: Skinned off-screen.
  3. See What I Saw: Mauled by a tiger.
  4. Eco-Terrorist: Harpooned through the head.
  5. Hunters and Huntees: Skinned by a bear.
  6. From Lion to Eternity: Sliced in pieces by a lion.
  7. Poachable Eggheads: Mauled by animals.
  8. Slow Loris Down: Dies of blood loss.
  9. Lambs to Slaughter: Chopped to pieces.
  10. I'll Trade You: Flattened by trees.
  11. Under the Fur: Beaten to death. (debatable)
  12. Lost Parts: Electrocuted (revived).
  13. There is no Object-tion with the HTFs: Falls off a cliff.
  14. Deer Kringle: Stabbed in the eye.
  15. Deer Kringle 2: Shot in the head.
  16. Dear Deer Children: Burnt in his fireplace.
  17. Skunked: Choked to death.
  18. Intestine 1,2,3: Ripped to pieces.
  19. Hip, Hip, Hooray: Crushed by tree.
  20. The Bear and the Bee: Mauled by Honeybear.
  21. A Day in My Spots: Eaten by sharks.
  22. Ebony and Ivory Tusks: Crushed by a piano.
  23. That Skinning Feeling: Bleeds to death.
  24. The Poacher And Me: Skinned.
  25. Arms and Both Legs: Head cracked open when a plaque falls on him.
  26. Wild Roots: Mauled to death by Tarsy. 
  27. Love Under the Skin: Killed by Wendy.
  28. Poachy's Poaching Smoochie - Heron: Eaten alive by seagulls.
  29. Poachy's Poaching Smoochie - Giraffe: Stabbed in the heart.
  30. Poachy's Poaching Smoochie - Armadillo: Stabbed in the heart by leg bone.
  31. Oh, Deer!: Died either from being paralyzed or skinned.
  32. Sheep Thrills: Impaled in the head by weather vane.
  33. Take a Byte: Mauled alive by Sheepy.
  34. Open Season: Chopped apart by Buzz.
  35. Ticked Off: Decapitated.
  36. Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Impaled through the head.
  37. 101 Bunnies: Chokes to death.
  38. My Cat From H-E-Double Hockey Sticks: Tumbles down the hill.
  39. Can't Bear It: Brutally mauled by a bear.
  40. I'm On Tiger: Ran over by a trash can.
  41. Can't Unseen It: Head impaled by a broken plank.
  42. Don't Toxic Waste Your Life: Eaten by a mutant raccoon.
  43. I'm Re-zet-ting This: Skinned by Zet. (off-screen)
  44. After Wild: Trampled to death.
  45. Bark-tic Wolf: Mauled by Honey Glider and the wolf pup.
  46. Werefox to Intervention: Mauled to death by Riston.
  47. Happy Anniversary Friends: Torn apart by crocodiles.
  48. An Auk-ward Mistake: Crushed by an anchor.


  1. Poachable Eggheads: Knocked out by bullet.
  2. Slow Loris Down: Electrocuted, ripped apart, shot, and attacked. (before death)
  3. Under the Fur: Beaten up.
  4. Intestine 1,2,3: Eviscerated and gets his intestines pulled.
  5. Evil Ap-poach-ing: Turned into a vampire after being struck in the heart.
  6. That Skinning Feeling: Face burt, pierced by nails, and (prior to death) skewered in the stomach.
  7. The Poacher and Me: Smashes into a tree branch.
  8. Poachy's Poaching Smoochie - Heron: Forehead sliced open. (before death)
  9. Poachy's Poaching Smoochie - Giraffe: Skinned from sliding down on the giraffe's neck.
  10. Poachy's Poaching Smoochie - Armadillo: Twists his ankle, leg bone pops out.
  11. Take a Byte: Bitten by Byte and later mauled and ripped in half by Jauz.
  12. Open Season: Arm pulled off, bitten by a snake, hit a tree, and later impaled by horns and tusks.
  13. After Wild: Beaten by Howdy and slammed into the tree by Aisya's spirit.
  14. Happy Anniversary Friends: Skinned. (before death)

Kill count

  • Willy: 1 ("Hunter Season")
  • Trippy: 1 ("Hunters and Huntees")
  • Lumpy: 1 ("Poachable Eggheads")
  • Shepard: 1 ("Lambs to Slaughter" debatable)
  • Hissy: 1 ("Skunked")
  • Squabbles: 1 ("Hip, Hip, Hooray")
  • Raymond: 1 ("Ebony and Ivory Tusks")
  • The Zebra: 1 ("That Skinning Feeling")
  • Lustly: 1 ("That Skinning Feeling")
  • Floppy (CCF): 1 ("Love Under the Skin")
  • Buckley: 1 ("Oh, Deer!")
  • Big Buck: 1 ("Oh, Deer!")
  • Doe: 1 ("Oh, Deer!")
  • Glow: 1 ("Oh, Deer!")
  • Aisya: 1 ("After Wild")
  • Fianna: 1 ("Bark-tic Wolf")
  • Jake and Jet: 1 ("Bark-tic Wolf")
  • Others: 4+ (numerous bats in "Hunters and Huntees"), (a deer father in "Deer Kringle"), (a tiger in "The Bear and the Bee"), (the wolf pup's mother in "Bark-tic Wolf")


  • He was created the same day as Hornless.
  • He was going to have more poached animal skins.
  • Despite his name, he no longer seems to be an actual poacher, as he only attacks other characters. Now, he is rarely shown hurting non-anthropomorphic animals unless he is defending himself against them. Even then, he'd never go as far as to kill one unless he really needed to.
  • He might be based off of Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmatians.
  • He is one the most hated characters, tied with Jerky.
  • He is one of ShiftyKleptomaniac's favorite characters.
  • I'll Trade You was the first time Poachy is seen without the pelt on his head, showing his ears.
  • Some may compare him to Zig from Zig and Sharko.
  • Poachable Eggheads reveals why he is a poacher. A new episode with a backstory to better fit his new bio is planned to be written. The origins of the pelt he wears is to be revealed in this unnamed, unwritten episode.
  • He has one of the lowest survival rates.
  • His death in Intestine 1,2,3 is among the most brutal in HTFF.
  • Although he has a distaste for quite a few things, he enjoys peanut butter a lot.
  • He is terrified by vacuums. It is unknown why, though it might just be the loud sounds of them, or it may have something to do with his past trauma.


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