Porcupine Out is a HTF fan game.

Game Info

Rating: M for Mature for the following: strong language, blood and gore, mild sexual themes, partial nudity and drug reference.

Pegi Rating: 19+


About the Game

Porcupine Out is a game about Flakem's job. The game features picking up weapons, guns, and more. It's based on Call Of Duty.


  • Level 1: Training
Just basic training.
  • Level 2: Downtown
Killing gangsters sounds fun, eh? Well, there are civilians you can't kill. You can pick up Glock 18s, MP5s, and Mac10s in this level.
  • Level 3: Rooftop
Sniping baddies is more fun, because they can't see you! This level features non-stop action and a 50 cal barret sniper rifle too!
  • Level 4: Night Club
Invading a night club full of drug dealers, gangsters, and thugs sounds fun, right? Well, it's actully a tough level. This map is 5 hours long, unlike the others. A lot of weapons are scattered around in this case.
  • Level 5: The Last Level
You go fight the boss of the gangsters in this level. He is tough, as you have to shoot him in the eye, and his eye is small because he is fat. This boss also has a M249 Machine gun, and a RPG. Nobody can finish this boss without dying.

Multiplayer Mode

This mode enables you to play Porcupine Out with your friends.


  • This is a fan made game for the character Flakem.
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