"Pots and Fans" is the sixth episode of season 120. In this episode, Dumpling gets invited to the Happy Tree Town International Food Convention, where he will be within the Japan section.


The episode starts with Dumpling walking out of his sports car with his octopus Choppy, with shades on both of them. They stroll into the building where they find one of Choppy's fans, Sniffles, and a bit more people. Next to where his stand is set is Meringue's stand, with Mochi, Pastel, and Minty helping her. After getting set up, Meringue takes a glance and feels something strange within her. She is in love with the newcomer (she has felt this ever since she first saw him prior to the episode). After a bunch of effortless tries to catch the attention of Dumpling, she has not gone anywhere with it, until Mochi trips and accidentially flings her dango stick at a wire that cuts a series of spotlights that fall on Ribbit, Lillypad, Sniffles, and Disco Bear. One is about to fall on Dumpling and Choppy, but Meringue jumps in time to save them both. Taking a glance, Dumpling realizes he has been saved by his crush, and while unable to move, Meringue kisses him as the episode ends.


  • Ribbit, Lillypad, Sniffles, and Disco Bear are crushed by spotlights.


  • This is the debut episode for Dumpling, Choppy, Ribbit, Nerdy, and Meringue.
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