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Pranky is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Pranky is a teal harlequin rabbit fitted with several novelties such as a water-squirting flower, a joybuzzer on his hand and fake arrow headband. His ears also resemble a jester's hat, even having bells on the end, and he wears makeup around his eyes that give off the resemblance of glasses and eyebrows.

As his name and appearance suggest, he likes to pull practical jokes on people. One of his favorite prank victims is Flaky, as seen in his debut episode Pranks for the Memories. His pranks make him irritating towards other characters. More often than not, his pranks eventually go too far and lead to his death, and sometimes other characters' deaths. His bumbling and incompetence also sometimes causes him to be killed or injured by his own pranks.


Starring Roles

  1. Pranks for the Memories
  2. Pranky's Prank Smoochie
  3. Out of Sight, Out of Time
  4. Last Laugh
  5. Why Bones Trick Pranks
  6. Birthday Pranks
  7. More than a Peel-ing
  8. Cheesy Joke
  9. Pranks Prank Pranky
  10. April Showers
  11. Just Hold Still
  12. The Factories of Life
  13. Suited for Trouble
  14. Chickening Out
  15. Dart Attack
  16. Artist at Work
  17. The Vanishing Act
  18. Scare Me the Details
  19. Mad About Glue
  20. Prank-mas
  21. Black Eyed Bully
  22. Cucumbersome
  23. Bunny Not Funny
  24. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  25. First and Fort-Most
  26. Get Eggy With It
  27. April Foolery
  28. Hair and Share
  29. Bat of Pranks
  30. Pranks-giving
  31. Cartoon Capers
  32. This Prank is Brought to You By...
  33. Tel-us-cope About it
  34. Eye Don't Get It
  35. Donut Do
  36. It's No Yolk
  37. Horrible Pranks
  38. Faint of Heart
  39. Triple Trouble
  40. Laugh Paws Laugh
  41. No Pranks on Emotion Pumpkin
  42. Splot The Difference
  43. April Alien Fools Night
  44. Good Eye
  45. Running Bag
  46. Hare-row to the Knee
  47. Beyond Frilled
  48. Flesh Chase

Featuring Roles

  1. Stop Stair-ing
  2. Better Early Than Ever
  3. Trix are for Kids
  4. Driving Problems
  5. Shoe Off
  6. You Can't Beach Me
  7. Water You Doing?
  8. Bank You Very Much
  9. Milk of the Cow-ard
  10. Card Trick
  11. Flippy and his Twenty
  12. I Nub You Not
  13. Monumental Trouble
  14. A Clothes Call
  15. Mostly Ghostly
  16. Ware Are We?
  17. Return to Slender
  18. Chain Reaction
  19. From Bath to Worse
  20. Silent Treatment
  21. Gloomy New Year
  22. The Big Three Oh!
  23. Tale of Tails
  24. Oh Brother!
  25. Beach Barbeque
  26. A-maze-ing Disgrace
  27. Miss-Understanding
  28. That's the Law!
  29. Waterhead
  30. Angry Jerky Pig
  31. Smoke Zero
  32. Stacyhood of the Unraveling Pants
  33. A Teacher for Your Troubles
  34. Down From the Mall
  35. Raging Against the Machine
  36. Shout!
  37. Follow the Light
  38. You're Still Joshing Me!
  39. Dead Funny
  40. Flippy in Trouble
  41. Hit the Ground Running
  42. Scream and Queen
  43. Face the Music
  44. Burns Like the Sun
  45. Sisters in Grime
  46. Astro-Nutcase
  47. The Phone Thieves
  48. Virus Alert
  49. Invasion of The Trojan Horses
  50. Duck It Up!
  51. Unwillingly Good
  52. Cabin into Blizzard
  53. Blonded by Love
  54. Frauds and Traps
  55. Math Test from Hell
  56. NoSpace
  57. The Part Where He Pranks You
  58. Morton Hears a Moo
  59. Get 'Em Like You See 'Em
  60. Make a Cake, You Guessed It
  61. Glowing By Myself
  62. One Scoob of Ice Cream
  63. Have a Wool Trip
  64. On My Way Up
  65. Pace Out
  66. Trouble with the Trolley
  67. Handy Scissorhands
  68. Beak It Up
  69. Can you guest it?
  70. Golden Opportunity
  71. A Pen For Your Thoughts
  72. The Scammy Cable Store


  1. One Last Crusade
  2. Paris, Trance
  3. Too much Delays
  4. Monster of a Mess
  5. Sonic Broom!
  6. Fastest Tree Friend in the World
  7. Kilt Me Now
  8. Mind Over Massacre
  9. Love Birds
  10. Globo-geddon
  11. Soil and Trouble
  12. A Burn on You
  13. Bitcoin Miner's Treasure
  14. A Hole Lotta Fear
  15. Computer Worm Invasion
  16. Reap What You Sow
  17. Heavy Tusk
  18. Fool Me Once, Fool You Twice
  19. On Thin Ice
  20. Leave the Nest
  21. Stay Negative, Daphne
  22. This Is It
  23. Fangs a Lot
  24. Seasoning the Soup with Saltiness

HTF Break Roles

  1. Face Off
  2. Been Fun Smashin Ya!
  3. A Sight to Remember
  4. Tickled Silly
  5. Tickled Silly Part Deux
  6. Iced Coffee Break
  7. Pranks for Nothing
  8. The Bathroom Break
  9. Processing
  10. Impale Mail
  11. Lucy Is Not A Luck
  12. Sneeze the Day
  13. Butt of the Joke
  14. Ring Around the Nosey
  15. The Explosive Bone
  16. Joy Bomb

Kringle Roles

  1. Snowman Kringle
  2. Pumpkin Kringle



  1. Pranks for the Memories - His head is blown up thanks to Lumpy.
  2. Stop Stair-ing - Shredded to death by friction on concrete.
  3. Smoochie 1 - Gets his face blown off when his water-squirting flower explodes.
  4. Smoochie 2 - Slips on a banana peel and cracks his head.
  5. Smoochie 3 - Suffocates from stink bomb gas.
  6. Face Off - Gets his face sliced off by escalator steps.
  7. Been Fun Smashin Ya - Smashed by a door.
  8. Out of Sight, Out of Time - Beaten to death by an unfrozen Cro-Marmot
  9. Last Laugh - Gruesomely killed by Flippy.
  10. Why Bones Trick Pranks - Blasted into space and blown up.
  11. Birthday Pranks - Rips his skin off.
  12. One Last Crusade - Dies in an explosion.
  13. Better Early Than Ever - Killed by glass.
  14. Paris, Trance - Suffocates of black smoke posioning
  15. Driving Problems - Run over by Superspeed
  16. Pranks Prank Pranky - Drowned in pool.
  17. You Can't Beach Me - Drowned by wave.
  18. Water You Doing? - Boiled in the water.
  19. Bank You Very Much - Run over by Lumpy.
  20. April Showers - Impaled by a Thirsty's water tank.
  21. Iced Coffee Break - Boiled to death by coffee.
  22. Card Trick - Impaled by an arrow.
  23. Just Hold Still - Stung by bees and exploded from an allergic reaction.
  24. The Factories of Life - Burns in an incinerator.
  25. Monumental Trouble - Crushed by a huge rock carving of his face.
  26. A Clothes Call - Eaten by an alligator.
  27. Mostly Ghostly - Killed by the ghost.
  28. Suited for Trouble - Speared to death by Grunts.
  29. Ware Are We? - Sucked under crane cabin.
  30. Chickening Out - Stabbed to death by a lion with a stick.
  31. Return to Slender - Shot by bullet.
  32. Dart Attack - Shot in the head by a dart.
  33. Monster of a Mess - Eaten by spiders.
  34. Pranks for Nothing - Electrocuted by Sparky.
  35. Mad About Glue - Face ripped off.
  36. The Bathroom Break - Killed by Ale, Marshmallow, Sapphire, Nippy, Hawkeye, and Shelly.
  37. Chain reaction - Cut in half by a garge door.
  38. From Bath to Worse - Crushed when Josh's house falls apart.
  39. Silent Treatment - Laughs to death.
  40. Fastest Tree Friend in the World - Run over by Todd.
  41. Prank-mas - Punched in the face by a boxing glove.  
  42. Black Eyed Bully - Head explodes from shock.
  43. Cucumbersome - Hanged.
  44. Gloomy New Year - Possibly dies when the clock tower explodes (debatable).
  45. The Big Three Oh! - Crushed by debris.
  46. Tail of Tails - Suffocated by spray.
  47. Bunny Not Funny - Splatters on the ground.
  48. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends - Mauled by Zekey.
  49. Kilt Me Now - Sewing needle impales throat.
  50. First and Fort-Most - Ran over by tank.
  51. Mind Over Massacre - Pierced by Lief's antler.
  52. Oh Brother! - Smashed by door.
  53. Beach Barbeque - Burnt to death.
  54. A-maze-ing Disgrace - Killed by Jack.
  55. Love Birds - Falls to his death.
  56. Get Eggy With It - Collides into Nutty.
  57. April Foolery - Smashed by door.
  58. Miss Understanding - Dies when camera smashes into his skull.
  59. That's the Law! - Flash crashes into him.
  60. Waterhead - Drowns.
  61. Angry Jerky Pig - Spine snaps on a chair.
  62. Smoke Zero - Blinded by marijuana and dies.
  63. Stacyhood of the Unraveling Pants - Sliced by thread.
  64. A Teacher for Your Troubles - Stabbed by screwdriver.
  65. Bat of Pranks - Pierced by a bomb.
  66. Shout! - Killed by chainsaw.
  67. Raging Against the Machine - Impaled in the head by a pipe.
  68. Follow the Light - Belly clawed open.
  69. You're Still Joshing Me! - Cracked to pieces.
  70. Soil and Trouble - Stabbed by a TV antennae's point.
  71. Dead Funny - Crushed by platform (returns as angel).
  72. Pranks-giving - Charred by exhaust pipe.
  73. Cartoon Capers - His face is eaten off by a "nose snail".
  74. Flippy in Trouble - Beheaded by Flippy with a cleaver.
  75. This Prank is Brought to You By... - Blown up by dynamite.
  76. Scream and Queen - Sliced in half by board. 
  77. Face the Music - Drowns.
  78. Impale Mail - Impaled by mailbox pole.
  79. Eye Don't Get It - Eyes and skull pulled out.
  80. Donut Do - Ran over by Lumpy.
  81. It's No Yolk - Head explodes.
  82. Burns Like the Sun - Beaten with severed leg.
  83. Sisters in Grime - Skin scrubbed off by steel wool.
  84. A Burn on You - Head is burned to the skull.
  85. Paws For the Camera - Whacked by a ball.
  86. Snowman Kringle - Flattened by snowplow.
  87. Astro-Nutcase - Ran over by cardboard rocket..
  88. Horrible Pranks - Ran over by Lumpy.
  89. Faint of Heart - Heart impaled on one of Pace's horns.
  90. Bitcoin Miner's Treasure - Ran over by Blake and PC Matic
  91. Duck It Up!- Ran over by Crazy
  92. Unwillingly Good - Hit by lightning
  93. Cabin into Blizzard - His face smashed by a glass
  94. Triple Trouble - His head impaled by Mix's horns
  95. Computer Worm Invasion - Crushed by a computer
  96. Reap What You Sow - Ketch up and Mustard Squezzers shoved in his ears
  97. Laugh Paws Laugh- Crushed by a metor.
  98. Heavy Tusk - Killed by the threadmill's explosion.
  99. Math Test from Hell - Falls to his death
  100. NoSpace - Hit by Lumpy
  101. No Pranks on Emotion Pumpkin - Head blasted by Gator's explosion.
  102. The Part Where He Pranks You - Fell into the pit.
  103. Morton Hears a Moo - An ambulance crashes into him.
  104. Get 'Em Like You See 'Em - Killed inside the pile-up.
  105. Make a Cake, You Guessed It - Get smashed by Taupe.
  106. On Thin Ice - Impaled by ice skates.
  107. Leave the Nest - Crushed by a time machine.
  108. This Is It - Died inside the car crash.
  109. Lucy Is Not A Luck - Killed by Lucy's lucky charm.
  110. Splot the Difference - Sliced in half by saw.
  111. Glowing By Myself - Ran over.
  112. April Alien Fools Night - Blown to pieces.
  113. One Scoob of Ice Cream - Sliced in half by a battle axe.
  114. Good Eye - Crushed by a tree.
  115. Have a Wool Trip - Hit by a car and splattered into the ocean.
  116. On My Way Up - Broke numerous bones.
  117. Hare-row to the Knee - Impaled by an arrow.
  118. Pace Out - Smashed by the door.
  119. Trouble with the Trolley - Sliced by a trolley.
  120. Take that Money- Impaled in the eye.
  121. Stay Negative, Daphne - Bitten in half by giant clam.
  122. Handy Scissorhands - Head sliced in half.
  123. Sneeze the Day - Crushed by a shelf.
  124. Beak It Up - Split in half.
  125. Pumpkin Kringle - Head smashed by a pumpkin and stabbed by candies.
  126. Beyond Frilled - Crushed by a car.
  127. Golden Opportunity: Squeezed to death.
  128. Flesh Chase - Stomach brutally mauled and ripped open by Flesh.
  129. Butt of the Joke - Blown to pieces.
  130. Seasoning the Soup with Saltiness - Got crushed by a stove.
  131. Ring Around the Nosey - Chokes to death (debatable).
  132. A Pen For Your Thoughts - Drowns in ink.
  133. The Scammy Cable Store - Head cracked open.


  1. Pranks for the Memories - Impaled by Flaky's quills and (before death) a pipe impales his eye.
  2. Last Laugh - Hit by The Mole's jackhammer, burnt by cheese, gets his arm chewed and cut off, has part of his ears sliced, burned slightly by a flaming hoop, and crashes through a wall.
  3. Birthday Pranks - (before death) Glued to a tree.
  4. Trix are for Kids - Drowns in a pool.
  5. Suited for Trouble - Tranquilized, attacked by gorilla.
  6. The Vanishing Act - Severely beaten by Pierce.
  7. Scare Me the Details - Skinned by a sewing machine.
  8. Dead Funny - Injures himself saving Gloomy.
  9. Tel-us-cope About it - Brain and eye pulled out.
  10. Eye Don't Get It - Eyes impaled by springs and pulled out.
  11. Donut Do - Slightly electrocuted by the cable.
  12. Triple Trouble - Slighty electrocuted.
  13. Blonded by Love - Beaten by The Mole.
  14. Laugh Paws Laugh- Eye impaled by a pie tin.
  15. Splot the Difference - Tumbles down a hill, is injured by rocks, glass and cacti, attacked by dogs, has various bones broken and loses an arm.
  16. April Alien Fools Night - Face disfigured.
  17. Trouble with the Trolley - Crashes into Swindler's stuff and passed out.
  18. Can you guest it? - punched in the eye by guest
  19. Flesh Chase - Hit by a nail and knocked out.

Kill count

  • Cuddles - 2 ("Water You Doing", "The Factories of Life")
  • Giggles - 1 ("The Factories of Life")
  • Lumpy - 4 ("Why Bones Trick Pranks" along with Hoppy, "The Factories of Life", "Ware Are We?" along with Josh, (debatably) "Down From the Mall" along with The Mole)
  • Handy - 1 ("Ware Are We?")
  • Nutty - 2 ("Why Bones Trick Pranks" along with Hoppy, "Get Eggy With It")
  • Flaky - 1 ("Dart Attack")
  • Lifty - 1 ("Last Laugh" debatable)
  • Shifty - 1 ("Last Laugh" debatable)
  • Mime - 2 ("The Factories of Life", (debatably) "Down From the Mall" along with Lumpy).
  • Puffy - 1 ("Why Bones Trick Pranks" along with Hoppy)
  • Cheesy - 2 ("Cheesy Joke", "Fangs a Lot")
  • Doc - 1 ("The Factories of Life")
  • Eli - 1 ("Ware Are We?")
  • Hippy - 1 ("Dart Attack")
  • Henry - 1 ("Dart Attack")
  • Josh - 1 ("Dart Attack")
  • Velo - 1 ("Chain Reaction" along with The Mole)
  • Pierce - 1 ("From Bath to Worse")
  • Squabbles - 1 ("April Foolery")
  • Tarsy - 1 ("Down From the Mall")
  • Kendall - 1 ("Down From the Mall")
  • Snowflake - 1 ("Hit the Ground Running")
  • Stamp - 1 ("Impale Mail") 
  • Hatchy - 1 ("It's No Yolk")
  • Sweet - 1 ("It's No Yolk")
  • Daydream - 1 ("Astro-Nutcase")
  • Pace - 1 ("Faint of Heart")
  • Kibble - 1 ("Triple Trouble")
  • Others - 1 (Santa Claus in "Prank-mas")
  • Cryptie - 1 ("One Scoob of Ice Cream")
  • Daphne - 1 ("One Scoob of Ice Cream")
  • Paws - 1 ("One Scoob of Ice Cream")
  • Seth - 1 ("One Scoob of Ice Cream")
  • Lustly - 1 ("One Scoob of Ice Cream")
  • Mix - 1 ("One Scoob of Ice Cream")    
  • Lexx - 1 ("Running Bag")
  • Emojie - 1 ("Take that Money" along with Raymond)
  • Slop - 1 ("Butt of the Joke" along with Bongo)
  • Bone - 2 ("The Explosive Bone", "The Scammy Cable Store")
  • Enjoyer - 1 ("Joy Bomb")


  • He has been redesigned many times. His glasses went from having four lenses to just two beginning in Impale Mail, and his hat was given two points as of Eye Don't Get It. He would undergo another major redesign as of Triple Trouble - his shirt going from yellow with orange triangles to pale pink with a red target, and the bandage on his ear disappeared.
    • These changes were because his older design was too complex.
    • In 2019, he got a bigger hat that conceals his ears and a blue circle on his target.
    • Finally in 2020, his glasses and clothes were removed and many of his assets were changed. He is officially now a harlequin rabbit, clearing the debate whether he was a hare (disproving his birth certificate).
  • He has a sister named Quinn who is also into pranks. She was originally planned to be a gender-bent version of Pranky for a 2019 April Fools joke that never came to be.
  • He usually shows no concern for other characters' deaths and injuries due to his pranks, but may do so on occasion if they go worse than he planned.
  • A regularly seen goof is that his joybuzzer sometimes switches hands or disappears.
  • One Last Crusade, Tickled Silly Part Deux, Shoe Off, You Can't Beach Me, Card Trick, I Nub You Not, A Clothes Call, Sonic Broom! and A Hole Lotta Fear are the only episodes where Pranky appears without pulling pranks.
  • There's a rejected canon character who is also named Pranky (as shown in a commentary section of First Blood DVD). Pranky is in the commentary is shown as a bear-like character with a small fedora, oversized spectacles with nose and mustache, a flower on his chest, boots, and a chicken (used for a prank) held on his hand. The Pranky in the commentary does eventually appear in the fanon series, but as a squirrel.
  • He dies alone in more episodes than any other character.
  • He has ticklish feet as shown in Tickled Silly & its sequel.
  • Many fans consider him as a villain. However, he is simply just mischievous and sometimes takes pranks too far.
  • Apparently, Pranky was stolen to be submitted into the Truffles' Video Bomb Competition and was later used on a trading card.
    • Later, Mondo took down the Pranky card and is planning for a replacement.
  • His Survival Rate is 18.47%.


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