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Punch Line is a HTF Fanon episode that introduces Punchy the cat without a punchline.

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At the library, Mono checks a book out to Flaky who runs from the library upon recieving the book. Mono lets out a bored sigh, as Flaky runs off, only to be startled when a large stack of dictionaries are dropped infront of his face. Confused as to who would check out so many dictionarys, Mono looks around the books and spots Punchy. Still confused Mono greets Punchy, who replys in a monotone voice. Mono relises Punchy is just like him and the two become friends.

As Mono checks out the books for Punchy, Chuckles wanders into the library and starts laughing at the sight of Mono and Puncy, stating theirs two of them. Mono is annoyed and trys to ignore Chuckles. Punchy however easly ignores Chuckles, but is disrupted by Bastion who believes him to be a staff memeber. Bastion asks Punchy to help him find a book, but Punchy trys to tell him he is not an emmployee. 

Not understanding this, Bastion grabs Punchy and pulls him away. In order to stay put, Punchy grabs for Mono's desk and grabs one fo the dictionaries. Unfortunatly thisknocks over the pile of books and the fall on Chuckles. Mono and Bastion scream at this sight, and Bastion runs off, passing D.I.M. who's alarm goes off just in time for BAstion to crash into Sniffles, who is holding a handful of pencils. The pencils go flying and impale Sniffles and Bastion, along with hitting D.I.M's control panel. 

D.I.M's alarm goes off and he explodes, setting part of the library on fire. Mono screams, and grabs Punchy telling him they need to leave. Puncy however sees no need to rush and slowly walks towards the exit. Mono smacks himself and runs ahead of Punchy but when he gets the sliding galss doors, the sprinklers go off and cause the doors to malfuction and slice Mono is half. At this time Punchy arrives at the door and smashes the glass with a book. He then walks out of the library and into the street where he is ran over by a firetruck.

The episode ends with Elliot, waking up in the library and getting blasted by water.


  1. Chuckles is crushed by a pile of books.
  2. Sniffles and Bastion are impaled with pencils.
  3. D.I.M. explodes.
  4. Mono is sliced by the sliding door.
  5. Punchy is ran over by the firetruck.