Who could have disassembled his bed anyway?

Put Mime To Bed is a basic interactive game made for Adam Carter's birthday in 2018. In this game the player's basic strategy is to get Mime comfortably sleeping in bed. There are 10 possible ranks depending on what the player does. The game is presently on deviantART.


The screen starts with four objects that can be dragged: a sleepy Mime, the pajamas, the pillows, and the blankets (the bed mattress can't be dragged).

If you drag either the pajamas on Mime or Mime on the pajamas, Mime will end up wearing the pajamas. If you drag Mime on the mattress, he'll end up sleeping on the mattress. If you drag either the pillow or the blanket onto the mattress, that thing will be set upon it: except you can't drag the pillow on if Mime's already asleep. You also cannot put Mime's pajamas on him if he is already asleep. If you drag the blankets onto the mattress first then drag Mime, he'll be on top of the blankets; but if you drag Mime first then the blankets, the blankets will be over him.

When the player believes he is finished, he then clicks "FINISH", and it gives his rank, depending on what he has done:

Put Mime to Bed Ranks
Rank Name Rank Message How to Get Rank
Lazy It seems that you were even sleepier than Mime! Don't do anything.
Bed Setter At this point you should be promoted to comfort carpenter. Set up the bed but leave Mime standing.

(Can be accomplished by putting either the pillow or the blanket or both on the bed, without putting Mime on it.)

Pajama Day Now everyone will get to check out the deer's sleepwear! Do nothing but put Mime's pajamas on him.
Plopper Your main talent lies in laying people down. (Pun intended!) Put Mime on just the bare mattress.
Craned Neck I think you rested Mime's head on an invisible pillow... Lay Mime down with no pillows beneath his head.

(This requires you to place the blankets either on or underneath Mime: otherwise you would get Plopper instead.)

Nap Time Now Mime can have a comfortable afternoon snooze. Put Mime on top of the bed in regular clothes.

("On top of the bed" means either the blankets are underneath Mime or not on the bed at all.)

Shivering His body is nearly exposed to the air this way. Put Mime on top of the bed in pajamas.
Sweating He'll definitely want to shower when he wakes up. Tuck Mime into bed in regular clothes.
Good Night! You got the deer to bed like a true companion. Now we shall tiptoe out of the room... Tuck Mime into bed in his pajamas.
Sweet Dreams Petting the sleeping deer sure gave him good dreams! Click Mime 15 times while he is sleeping.

(This rank is achieved as long as you click Mime 15+ times while he is sleeping. It does not matter what he's wearing or where the pillow and blanket are located, but he must be sleeping; clicking him while he's awake won't work.)

The player can then click "GO BACK" to try again. Each achieved rank shows up in light green on the final screen.



  • The thumbnail consists of a picture of Sponer, Sleepmoon and Mime sleeping in a bed, with Cake sleeping atop the bed covers. After all, the three aforementioned HTF's are Adam's favorite characters to be seen sleeping, and birthdays usually have cake associated with them.
  • The music in the game is Edvard Grieg, Notturno, Op. 54, No. 4, from Lyric Pieces.
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