Put Your Left Foot In, Part 1 is the first part of the season finale of HTFF. In this episode, Hippy's broken foot is just the beginning.






Hippy is playing soccer and the crowd is cheering. Suddenly, Hippy trips over the ball and notices his foot bleeding. Suddenly, he is on stilts in his house with a cast over his foot. Hippy wants to sit down on his couch, but he falls and drops his stilts, breaking his arm in the process.

It cuts to Hippy in a wheelchair in his house, now with a cast over his arm. Suddenly, he hears the doorbell ring and Hippy goes and tries to look through the glass to see who it is, but bumps his eye. Lumpy, on the other side of the door, hearing screaming, gets confused, shrugs, and walks away.

Later, Hippy now has his previous casts and an eyepatch on. He is sitting on the couch with the wheelchair by his side, watching TV. He looks at his watch and realizes he needs to go to his appointment and goes outside. As he is walking along the sidewalk, he trips on a banana which Pranky placed there. Pranky hops out of the bushes and laughs. However, a pool of blood forms underneath Hippy.

Hippy now goes down the driveway and checks his watch again, now with band-aids on his back. Hippy forgets to watch where he goes and falls in the sewer, where Lumpy was dumb enough to be in too. Hippy's wheelchair crushes and kills Lumpy, blocking any other way out. Hippy screams for help and the screen reads "To be continued..."


If you fall down, you get up and keep on going.


  • Lumpy is crushed by Hippy's wheelchair.


  • Lumpy is the only one who died in this episode.
  • Handy appears on Hippy's TV in a commercial advertising his job.
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