Quacko is a fan-made HTFF character.

Character bio

Quacko is a lazy yellow duck with an orange bill and three stray hairs on his head, a blue floatie, snorkel, and blue fins. Quacko likes to eat, sleep, and swim. Hours without eating may lead to Quacko going insane. Whenever Quacko enters lakes, he always has to be sure it is safe due to his fear of alligators, piranhas, and sharks. Every time Quacko talks it comes out with a quack.

Quacko is often set on fire or electrocuted. Quacko is seen wearing his floatie almost everywhere he goes. Some think it's stuck on him. Whenever Quacko eats to much food he will known to get fatter causing him to lay a golden egg.

Quacko is also known to be enemies with Petunia since he is always to lazy to take the garbadge out. He also sometimes doesn't help the environment.

In the episode Aquactic Fear Quacko gets aquaphobia.


Quacko's appearance is just a typical duck. Quacko's color is yellow and he has orange beak and legs and a blue floatie.

Quacko's episodes

Starring roles

Featuring roles




  1. Late in a Lake: Piranhas attack Quacko, then he gets killed by eels, sharks, jellyfish, and crabs attacking him all at once.
  2. Happy Aquarium: Quacko loses his arms and drowns in an aquarium tank.
  3. Piranha Drama: Quacko's head gets eaten by an alligator.
  4. Quacko's Lake Smoochie - Piranha Attack: Drowns after being attacked by piranhas.
  5. Quacko's Lake Smoochie - Electric Eel: Electrocuted and cut into pieces.
  6. Quacko's Lake Smoochie - Lake Madness: Crushed by a whale.
  7. Who Gives a Buck: Struck by lightning.
  8. Got any grapes: Impaled in both of the eyes by sticks then is bashed by a rock impact on the head.
  9. Aquactic Fear: Hit by Dr. Goat's car.

Kill count

  1. Giggles-Got any grapes: Breaks her neck while falling
  2. Petunia-Got any grapes: Head is sliced in half due to Quacko's beak



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