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Quacky is a fan character.


Quacky is a yellow duck who wears a red bow tie around his neck. He is created by Avvyyy__ on Instagram.

More will be edited soon.

Occupations and Career

  • UWU Gang Member


  • Sniffles: Love interest
  • Poppy: Best friend
  • Krazy: Friend
  • Pabu: Friend
  • Jojo: Friend
  • Blueberry: Friend
  • Pawz: Friend
  • Peak: Friend
  • Lily: Friend
  • Stingy: Friend
  • Bo Anne: Friend
  • Zircon: Friend
  • Black Jack: Friend
  • Moushi: Friend
  • Connie: Friend
  • Freckles: Friend
  • Pinkie: Friend
  • Hubby: Friend
  • Cariya: Friend
  • Soda: Friend
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