Ratchet or Ratch is a character of HTFF.


Ratchet is a grayish brown bat who is actually an inventor and engineer. He is usually seem wearing protective googles and fingerless gloves. When he's not wearing his googles, his pupils are actually light gray. 

Ratchet might be appears to be a smart person, but he mostly dumb about creating something despite being an inventor and engineer. He loves creating gadgets and inventions and doesn't care if they are broken. He also having assertive and hyperactive personality. Ratchet mostly seen in daytime instead of nighttime.

Ratchet actually showing no fear when failing even it's causing his own death. Not only his inventions are broken, when comes into helping someone, he makes it even worse since he dumb about fixing and creating something. He likes to advertises his inventions to other people and wanted them to try it for free sometime. 

Ratchet might enjoys seeing other people's inventions and check them out. Doesn't care if it better than his but there's high chances that he accidentaly make it broken. He can be appears out of nowhere without being called and wanted to help someone or to advertises his stuff. Sometimes, he cares more about his inventions than other people's fate.


Starring role

Featuring role



  1. Up Great Height - Sliced by the cable.
  2. Zap To It - Burnt to the bone.
  3. Steamed Punks - Face caved in.

Kill count

  • Crank - 1 ("Ratchet and Crank")
  • Commy - 1 ("Up Great Height")
  • Tycoon - 1 ("Up Great Height")
  • Coconut - 1 ("Who Let the Smog Out?")


  • Ratchet is one of the characters who make a return from his owner's old comic. The others are Irin, The Clams, Amp, Dexter, Emmy, Zee, Quartz, Snapshot, Emojie, WalterOscarAngieZet, Jake, JetNimyRafieTide, Gash, HalMorton and Mix. He was an anglerfish in that old comic.
    • Ratchet originally shown as display character after being ported to HTFF before the creator reworked him. Basically more troublesome version of his character in the owner's old comic.
    • He also Amp's closest friend outside of The Journalist.
  • Ratchet likes steampunk style. Also, some of his inventions are actually using steam.
  • The circles that appear on his googles are not his actual eyes.
  • His full name is Ratchet Steamgear.


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