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Raylan is a fan character.

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Raylan is no longer associated with the Happy Tree Friends fandom and either exists in another fandom or turned into a completely original character. This character will no longer be allowed to be used in episodes or other HTF media unless stated otherwise by the creator.


Raylan is a pink female dragon with giant braces. She has long blonde hair and wears a red dress. She is shown to be like wild and crazy but she does get really angry, which usually happens in school. Due for her dress size, her legs are almost never shown. So far the only episode to show her legs is A Hole Lotta Fear. Since she doesn't like her legs getting shown, she often kneels down.






  1. A Hole Lotta Fear - Bladder exploded.
  2. Heavy Tusk - Exploded.
  3. Smoochie Option 1 - Impaled by sprinkler.
  4. Smoochie Option 2 - Killed by a jack hammer.
  5. Smoochie Option 3 - Has her face melted by melting gold.
  6. Bumper to Bummer - Eaten by a T-rex.
  7. The Sweet Taste of Success - Impaled by vending machine springs.
  8. You'll Be Gruesome Wrong - Crushed by Björn.
  9. Ace of Hearts - Has choked on a peppermint (debatable).


  • She is ChippyDodger's new self-insert.
  • Like a lot of other characters she can flip out if she hears "Watch Me Whip/Nea Nea" or is bullied, but she isn't a Flippy-Sue because it barely happens.
  • Her wings are often folded.
  • She actually has severe injuries on her legs, hence why their barely shown and she doesn't like showing them.
  • According to her CTA, she has accused go to the deep web.
  • Despite her asexuality, she has been shown to willing to cuddle Snowball (YSK) in RPs.
  • She was renamed due for "Raylene" being the name of a porn star.
  • Her survival rate is 53.33%


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