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Raymond is a character created by Yellow-Spider-Kitty.


In general, Raymond has a very hyper-actative personality, they loves having fun and making the world around them a fun place. They generally considered naive and immature. For the most part, he has a good heart.

Despite what it seems, not everything is sunshine and rainbows for them. Growing up Raymond has had a dark shady past, between their legal troubles and tragic life story, Raymond tries to pretend everything is going fine at times but finds themself struggling.

Raymond has issues with her mental health, They have been diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia, he often has voices in the head telling them to do bad things, they took and insert in music as a forum to "fight those demons". They were also diagnosed with high functioning autism (Aspergers' Syndrome) as a kid, this also factored into his special insert in music.

Music Career

Raymond is usually multi-generated, ranging from Pop, R&B, Rock and even Avant-Garde. Their main instrument is her tiny piano she carries around.

Their most successful song is his R&B ballad, "Fell From the Sky", a number one single in 1995.


Originally male, Raymond is now a girl and has long blue hair, eyelashes and a white and blue skirt (the cause of this was revealed in The Gender Bend Story). In Tailure Is Not An Option, she develops an uncanny cattail-like tail and she will shoot out spikes from the tail whenever she is scared or surprised. The spikes will often lead to other tree friends' deaths. Starting in The Buck Gets Weird, her trunk is turned into a typical heart-shaped nose because only male elephant seals have large noses.

As of 4/19/2020, Raymond is non-binary and uses they / them pronouns.


  • Music Store Owner- Knocked Sockets Out, Raymond vs Nutty, Ebony and Every Tusks
  • Superhero- Raymond Begins Parts 1-2
  • Student- Spike up Your Life,
  • Movie Theater Usher- Usher Raymond


  1. Spin Fun Knowing You (Boomarang version): Flies into an airplane turbine.
  2. Can't You Fix It?: Hit by her piano keys.
  3. Burnt Art: Dies in an explosion.
  4. Happy Imposter Friends: Nuked.
  5. Exit to the Tree Shop: Impaled by Perry's horns.
  6. Five To Nine: Crushed by UFO.
  7. A Certain Magical Love: Stabbed with machete held by Jason Voorhees.
  8. The Beaver Who Cried Werewolf: Split into pieces by Wolfle's claws.
  9. A Scratch of A Fox: Impaled by Cyber's claws.
  10. Volume One: Blown up by the THX logo.
  11. Knocked Sockets Off: Dies from blood loss.
  12. Cracker Land Part 2: Crushed by the giant mosquito.
  13. Noc Nocturnal: Crushed by elevator.
  14. You Won't Noc Me Down: Stabbed in the chest.
  15. Idol Care: Shot by unseen guns.
  16. Hypo The Love Bear: Kills herself.
  17. No Job: Dies when the earth explodes.
  18. Shia Guy: Head Explodes.
  19. Raymond's Easter Smoochie Bunny: dies of blood loss.
  20. Raymond's Easter Smoochie Chick: Chokes on worm vomit.
  21. Raymond's Easter Smoochie: Easter Eggs: Beaten to death.
  22. Hangover in There: Crashes into Spike.
  23. Where the Sunset Doesn't Shine: Torned to pieces.
  24. Ebony and Ivory Tusks: Head smashed.
  25. Vet You Can: Mauled to death.
  26. Raymond Begins Part 2: Run over.
  27. Grasp Hole: Explodes.
  28. Milk Kringle: Turned into a cookie by Noc Noc.
  29. Wingless Misery: Crushed by a fridge.
  30. Spike It Up a Bit: Run over by Marshal.
  31. Frozen Hasteland: Eaten to death by The Clams.
  32. If It Ain't Broke Don't Mix It: Explodes.
  33. Dead or Tails: Hit by spikes.
  34. The Terrible Trailer Trio: Decapitated by Beddy's shovel.
  35. Hide-Away Raymond: Dies from oil posioning.
  36. BatHood: Falls down the stairs.
  37. Grab a Bite: Split in half.
  38. The Purple Tree Eater Exposed: Ran over.
  39. The Great Pumpkin Head: Bleeds to death after her hands are chopped of. (debatable)
  40. Trading Faces: Falls into a spike pit.
  41. My Dear Pawson: Killed by blades.
  42. True Love Sucks: Falls into a wood chipper.
  43. The Buck Gets Weird: Crushed by the TV screen.
  44. Mission Implantable: Body melts.
  45. Form the Paws of Death: Dies from blood loss.
  46. Tree Friends: Believe in Christmas Miracles: Crushed by her piano.
  47. Iced Iced Baby: Blasted by magic.
  48. Giggles Gets Belayed: Crushed by Giggles.
  49. Wand Kringle: Sliced by glass shards.
  50. Small Sisters: Seizures.
  51. Shell Raiser: Sliced by egg shells.
  52. Scars to your Beat-Tuft-Ful: Bleeds out.
  53. Socio-Bath: Chokes on sewage.
  54. Can't Stop the Heating: Crushed by the swings.
  55. Calamity Begins A Home: Explodes.
  56. My Mother, The Star: Grinned by the road.
  57. Winging Isn't Everything: Crushed by a house.
  58. Stereo-Loathe: Sliced by discs.
  59. Beat the Meat: Killed when the volcano erupts.
  60. All That Glitters: Murdered by sparkles.
  61. Be-leaf in Magic: Head and eyes burst.
  62. Flying Fox of Tolerance: Mauled to death by Willia
  63. A Bit Too Much of a Pickle: Ran over by Handy's car.
  64. Back At It Again: Scratched to death.
  65. Bubble Bed Blues: Falls to her death.
  66. A New Kind of Odd: Falls (debatable).


(Fan Versions)

(Regular Episodes)

  • Poachy - 1 (Skunked)
  • Elliott - 1 (Raymond Begins Pt 2)
  • Ray - 1 (along with Elliott) (Raymond Begins Pt 2)
  • Squabbles - 1 (along with Kibble) (Grasp hole)
  • Toothy - 1 (Tailure is not an option)
  • Capture - 1 (Tailure is not an option)
  • Handy - 1 (Tailure is not an option)
  • Lifty & Shifty - 1 (Tailure is not an option)
  • Paws - 2 (Usher Raymond, Bubble Bed Blues)
  • Generic Tree Friends - 1 (Tailure is not an option)
  • Cascade - 2  (That's the Tooth, The Garden of Raymond)
  • Chewie - 1 (The Purple Tree Eater Exposed)
  • Sunset - 1 ("Winging Isn't Everything")
  • Emojie - 1 ("Take that Money' along with Pranky)
  • Pranky - 1 ("Take that Money")
  • Unnamed Mouse character - 1 ("A Bit Too Much of a Pickle")
  • Zet - 1 ("Back At It Again")
  • Samantha (XXM) - 1 ("Back At It Again")
  • Random - 1 ("Back At It Again")
  • Pow Pow - 1 ("Bubble Bed Blues")
  • Quarantine - 1 ("Bubble Bed Blues")
  • Brian - 1 ("The Garden of Raymond")
  • Arlo - 1 1 ("The Garden of Raymond")
  • Gady - 1 ("The Garden of Raymond")


See Raymond/Trivia.


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