Raymond has had several children through the course of the series. Initially when he was male, he was paired with Lammy and given two offspring. After being changed to female, she was then paired with Handy, earning two more children thus far. 

Raymond and Lammy's children

Rammy and Laymond

Rammy and Laymond

Rammy is a grey male elephant seal/lamb hybrid. He has an unnamed squash who is his imaginary friend, but like his mom and dad, he sees him as a real friend. He also is a monster hunter wannabe.

Laymond is a purple female elephant seal/lamb hybrid who, like her mom, likes tea parties and, like her dad, plays a piano. She often disagrees with Rammy.

Raymond and Handy's children


Gail is a black-haired yellow beaver/seal hybrid and the child of Raymond and Handy. Although Gail seems to cheerful, the thing that makes her stand out is her height, mostly caused do a birth defect, she is only 1-3 years old yet is already taller then the average tree friend, despite this Raymond and Handy do care for her, even if she is a hard to baby sit child. While unlike her dad she has both limbs, she is missing an ear.


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