Raymond in the Army is a Ka-Pow! spinoff which is about Raymond at war. There are only Idyemyhairpink33, Swoopy1116, Bellaluna7298, Loveh, Uhohspaghhetiohs, RoboStarthebomb, Rawblood, Waterclam, and HTF1234's characters in it, as well as canon characters. It only lasted two episodes due for the other episodes' footage was stolen.


  1. War Sweet War
  2. Navy Elephant Seal

Missing/Unreleased Episodes

These episodes were planned to be released but ending up getting the footage stolen.

  1. High As A Raymond
  2. Raymond's Day Off
  3. Radio Kid
  4. Tiger Blood
  5. Birdie And Pie Say Bye
  6. Henchman Tiger (season finale).


  • This is one of HTFF shortest lived series, Only lasted two episodes.
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