Mom and Baby
are walking along when they come upon Superspeed, who is selling books. Baby takes a fancy to a book featuring a castle on the cover, but Mom, noticing the dollar sign on the table, (thinking that it is expensive) disagrees. Upon seeing a box with a cent symbol on it, Mom decides to buy Baby a book that resembles an agonized face. Later that night Mom reads the book to Baby, causing clouds to swirl over their house and birds to fall out of the sky. Mom closes the window and turns out the lights, leaving a terrified Baby alone in the darkness. A strange, ominous glow appears in Baby's room, and when she looks down to see what it is, she is attacked by an unseen force.

The next morning Mom makes breakfast for Baby, who is now green and in a zombie-like state. After refusing to eat her breakfast, Baby's head rotates 360 degrees and Baby vomits a green fluid all over Mom. The doorbell rings and Mom answers the door to see Jussy, dressed as a girl scout, selling cookies. Suddenly, a tentacle wraps itself around Jussy and pulls her offscreen. We now see that Baby has tenacles and a beak coming out of her head. While Jussy clings for dear life on a cabinet under the sink, the monster in Baby's head tears the skin and tail off of Jussy's lower body. She manages to escape into the area beneath the sink. She starts crying from the possible pain she's enduring or from fear or possibly for both reasons, but the tentacles emerge through the pipes and grab her again. The tentacles attempt to drag Jussy through the drain of the sink, crushing her body in the process. When she gets stuck, the tentacles use the garbage disposal to grind up her body, bringing her cries of pain and fear to an end. While the beak begins eating Jussy's mangled remains, a panic-stricken Mom places a phone call.

The doorbell rings again and Mom answers to find Wooly, a priest/exorcist. He is immediately vomited upon by Baby, who he then tackles. Wooly struggles with the monster in Baby's head and eventually succeeds in tearing it out. Baby, now her normal color and minus the monster in his head, looks at her body and smiles happily. Unfortunately, Mom, not realizing that Baby has been cured, continuously hits Baby with a shovel until he is a flat, bloody circle. Later, Mom and Wooly stand at Baby's grave, mourning her death. Before the episode ends, a tentacle comes out of Wooly 's mouth, which he quickly places a hand over.

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