Reading Rainbow is a HTFF episode that introduces Booky the book loving mouse and Rush the rushing fox.
Reading rainbow

Spectrum's lost something.

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At the library, Booky enters and walks past librarian Elliott as he sleep. Booky looks around before sitting down at a table and opening his book. Booky smiles as he reads, but then something bright catches his attention and Booky looks to Spectrum grabbing a book from a shelf. Booky sighs and goes back to his book, only to find he has lost his place and upset, Booky starts over. As  Booky continues to read, Spectrum takes a seat next to him and causes Booky to lose his place again, upseting him more.

Bokky starts over once more and starts to imagine the world of his book until he is bothered by the sound of Spectrum turning the pages in his book loudly. Unable to stand it anymore, Booky starts to yell at Spectrum, until he is shushed by Indy (who reads a coloring book). Booky responds to this by throwing his book at Indy, where it gets impaled on his beak. Booky then turns back to Spectrum who starts to leave until Booky grabs him by the tail. Freaking out, Spectrum ends up ripping his tail off and he runs away. With Spectrum gone, Booky lets out a sigh and prepares to continue with his book, until he rembers he threw it at Indy. Sighing, Booky walks over to Indy and begins trying to remove the book.

As this happens, Spectrum runs around bleeding until he slips on his own blood and smashes into a bookshelve, which falls over. On the other side of the shelf is Booky, who managed to get his book back. As the shelf falls, Spectrum tries to warn Booky but before he can, he faints from blood loss. As Booky sits back down, its then he notices the shelf and in horror he gets and throws his book panic before he runs, only to have the shelf fall before he can escape it. Luckily, Booky is saved due to him standing in a open spot between to shelves and he sighs in releif until his book lands on his head and smashes it.

The episde then ends with Rush arriving to return a book just in time, only for Elliott to remain asleep.


  1. Spectrum bleeds to death.
  2. Booky has his head smashed.
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