Reckless Love is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Jerky is sitting on a bench eating a hot dog, when Fatty jogs by. At this sight, Jerky makes fun of the obese pig and unexpectedly he gets a laugh. Turning to find the owner of the laugh, Jerky spots Naz sitting by him. The two look into each others eyes and quickly fall in love. Later the two are seen at a diner, where Lumpy arrives to take their orders. After ordering Jerky gets ready to make fun of Lumpy only to be beaten to the punch by Naz. Jerky laughs at Naz's insult and grabs her hand.

Later the two are at the beach, where Handy is seen attempting to swim, only to be failing and even drowning. Instead of helping Handy, Jerky and Naz laugh at the poor beaver's misfortune and head off. In the back to their homes, Jerky and Naz pass by Lammy who is seen talking to a pickle. Jerky laughs at Lammy along with Naz and they start off. The pickle is then revealed to be Mr. Pickles who is upset and Jerky and Naz so he follows them. Lammy prepares to stop Mr. Pickles only to remember how rude the two were.

Mr. Pickles gets behind Jerky and Naz and pulls out a toothpick. With the toothpick, Mr. Pickles stabs Jerky an the ankle and he screams in pain before falling backwards onto Mr. Pickles. In horror, Naz runs into the street and his hit by a car. The episode ends with Jerky's chest bulging and Mr. Pickles popping from it.


  1. Handy drowns in the ocean.
  2. Naz is hit by a car.
  3. Jerky is stabbed by Mr. Pickles who then pops out his chest.


  • This is the debut of Naz.
  • Mr Pickles popping out of Jerky is reference to the chest-buster from Alien.
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