RespectTheDisney5 Jamboree is a fan made DVD that showcases some of debut episodes for RespectTheDisney5's characters. This DVD was made to show thanks to RespectTheDisney5 for his help on the wiki.


Special Features

  • Commentary from RespectTheDisney5 himself.
  • A gallery featuring some of Josh's big pictures.

Additional Deaths

  1. Back cover: Neil and Leaky are crushed by a large picture.
  2. Main menu: Germy is impaled by multiple syringes.
  3. Special features menu: Flash is crushed between the menu and the side of the screen.

Additional Injuries

  1. Front cover: Josh is impaled in the arm by a chisel and a hammer smashes his foot.
  2. Back cover: Peaky's tail is imapled by paint brushes.
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