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Robo Star
Your favorite cybernetic rabbit
Name Robo Star
Gender Male
Interests MLP, video games
Cybernetic Bunny
Color Grey
Relatives Bella, Luna, Robo John, Zelena, Crystal, Robo Claire and James, Sola, Jennifer and Bree
Age 114
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Britton

Boomer (Also a rival)
Sweet Face
Hooded Figure

Enemies/Rivals Jerky
Gothy(One Sided, on Gothy's side)
Creepy Bloom
Boomer (Also a friend)
Love Interests Zelena(current love intrest),Gothy (One sided, on Robo Star's side, also formely)
,Movy (One sided, on Robo Star's side again)
,Miyuu Kuroki (originally)
Kill Count 36
Death Count 60
First Victim Superspeed
First Death Warning

Robo Star is a cybernetic bunny, who had covered his ears with his hat and his mouth with a over-sized scarf.

Character Bio

He is rather lazy, shown to sleep unexpectedly in very unusual places (sewers, near volcanoes, etc). His laziness may lead into other character's deaths and sometimes (though rarely) his own. His deaths involves: Decapitation, Drowning , Falling objects, Explosions and his intestines.

Since Season 20, Robo Star's main role in episodes is usually becoming 20's Robo Star. Rarely, is their a episode that he does not become him in the recent seasons. He is also shown to be pretty lazy and occasionly bullied by Pierce,Hoppy or Bulky.

In terms of RP, RS's role in RP is often mixed, he usually has both minor or major roles. He is also much more dimwitted in rp as he tends to ask what each thing means or what it is.

Robo Star also competes in the Truffles Video Competition, however he has only two likes.

20's Robo Star circa "1921" when he killed someone with a bat.

20's Robo Star

Main article: 20's Robo Star

Although Robo Star will never flipout, he does indeed have a past memory where he was a former mobster. He does not flipout, however due to his laziness, he doesn't even remembered it. However, 20's Robo Star appeared when Sniffles took a time machine to 1921 and the gangster Robo Star sneakfully hijacked the time machine and went in it unintentionally traveling to modern day tree town. Therefore he is considered a clone of Robo Star. 20's Robo Star is the reason why the The PowerPuff Girls hate Robo Star. Due to the fact that 20's Robo Star robbed banks,attacked police, was convincted of racketeering, and he killed a random person with an "MC" logo on his hat because he thought "MC" stood for Master Cheif. It is possible that this Robo Star might appear in Mortal Tree Friends as Younger Britton found a time machine and the machine was set to "1921" before traveling to Armageddon. When he returns to the machine to retrieve something in the past to help him fight the forces of evil it is set back to "1921"

20's Robo Star has appeared several times in the series so far. Debuting in Brainwashin Robots.


Robo Star is one of the oldest fan characters on the wiki. In the earlier seasons, he appeared frequently, though his popularity has declined significantly since the first arch ended.

Kill Count


Starring roles

  1. Sleeping on The Job
  2. Robo Star Smoochie
  3. Character Interviews - Robo Star
  4. Don't axe me a question!
  5. Warning
  6. Spiked your computer
  7. Been Fun Smashin Ya!
  8. I Know You Are, But What Am Eye?
  9. Pole it Together
  10. Strike!
  11. Brainwashin Robots
  12. Disguise-ful
  13. Roleplay? Thats What! (Part 1)
  14. Roleplay? Thats What! (Part 2)
  15. Senseless Bullets
  16. Bullet Proof Mayhem
  18. Hang on
  19. 3 Kids And A Bully
  20. Paintful Love
  21. Grave Problems
  22. Don't Axe Me A Question! Part 2
  23. Trapping the Robot
  24. Story Of The Scarf
  25. Bully gets Bullied
  26. Trippin' Class
  27. Villains Control! (20's persona only)
  28. The IQ Test
  29. A Millennium of Unfortunate Events
  30. Project Terminate Penguin
  31. Surevival Catastrophe
  32. Cyber-Love
  33. Disguise-ful
  34. Offended Robots
  35. Hell-iday
  36. Voodid it Again
  37. Country Circuit
  38. Bee Seeing You
  39. Valley of the Shadow of Death
  40. Mechanical Upgrade
  41. A Smile Is Always Tree

Featuring roles

  1. Bully Out
  2. Sleep Walking on Sunshine
  3. Stop Stair-ing
  4. Dopework
  5. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode
  6. Puffing Paint
  7. Sick to the Plan
  8. ThirstBall
  9. Mecha Mash
  10. Locked In
  11. That's Gonna Costume!
  12. Lights, Camera, Cut!
  13. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  14. Moose of Oz
  15. Get Eggy With It
  16. The Viking and The Samurai
  17. Better Early Than Ever
  18. Theaters...
  19. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  20. ThirstBall
  21. Wishing Well Done
  22. Nuts and Bolts
  23. Cyber Reject
  24. Black to the Future
  25. That's a Snap!
  26. Joining the Trio
  27. Male Bonding
  28. Joining the Trio
  29. Blind as a Bat
  30. Remembering Trippy
  31. Good Mourning
  32. Baby Boom
  33. Horse Power
  34. Press Paws
  35. Burning Love
  36. Road Trippy
  37. The Social NetJerk
  38. Club Rules
  39. Sweeps This Mess Up

Appearance roles

  1. A History Be Known
  2. The Small Game
  3. Brain Dead
  4. Pranks for the Memories
  5. Take a Mint
  6. Mobbing the House
  7. Sight to See
  8. Vacation Disaster
  9. The Big Save
  10. Sleepy-Time's Over
  11. DEV 8000
  12. A Zeke-ful World
  13. Catch That Bus
  14. The Big Three Oh!
  15. A Mile in My Horseshoes
  16. Scam and Eggs
  17. Ponies and Ponies!
  18. Discorded
  19. All Iron, All Steel
  20. Down 'N' Dirty
  21. Why Bones Trick Pranks
  22. The Hoover Dam
  23. Driving Problems
  24. Fight Night
  25. April Showers
  26. Sick to the Plan
  27. Scarf Monster
  28. Kill-ennium
  29. You're History (20's persona only)
  30. Time Travel Palooza! (20's persona only)
  31. For the Hundreth Time
  32. Old or New (Part 1)
  33. Tail-Tired!
  34. Smells Puffy in Here
  35. Vanilla Ice Cream
  36. MoneyBat


  1. Warning = Run over by an RV.
  2. Smoochie 1 = Stabbed by multiple Airplanes
  3. Smoochie 2 = Crushed by a paper boat
  4. Smoochie 3 = Killed by Flippy
  5. Brain Dead - Eaten by brain monster
  6. Dopework: Burns to death when he drinks really hot sauce while mistaking it for water
  7. Resurrect The Dead!: Dies when Superspeed becomes a zombie. (Debatable)
  8. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode: Run over by motorcycle.
  9. Puffing Paint - Hacked up by a chainsaw
  10. I Know You Are, But What Am Eye? - Torn rips him in half
  11. Pole it Together - Short circuits and explodes
  12. Sight to See - Stabbed by Flippy
  13. Mecha Mash - Vaporized by Devious' laser.
  14. Vacation Disaster - Crashes into burning plane.
  15. Locked In - Drowned in Puffy's tears.
  16. A Zeke-ful World - Short ciruits and explodes (however revives)
  17. Lights, Camera, Cut! - Clobbered by Howdy and Russell.
  18. Roleplay? Thats What! (Part 2) - Flattened.
  19. Kill-ennium - Killed by a asteroid in 2012
  20. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  21. Scam and Eggs - Squashed by fridge.
  22. Moose of Oz - Killed by balloon explosion.
  23. Senseless Bullets - Explodes.
  24. ANIMATIONTEST1 - Hit and crushed by an anvil.
  25. Cyber Reject - Crushed by boulder.
  26. Ponies and Ponies! - Killed by Atwater
  27. All Iron, All Steel - Vaporized by Devious' laser.
  28. Bully Out - Head blasted by Puffy.
  29. Sleep Walking on Sunshine - Swerves into a burning building, and dies in the explosion.
  30. Down 'N' Dirty - Crushed by trash bag pile.
  31. The Viking and The Samurai - Shot by an arrow.
  32. Better Early Than Ever - Dies from papercuts along with the majority of the cast in the episode.
  33. The Hoover Dam - Attacked by Mom
  34. Theaters... - Dies in an explosion.
  35. Are ya Thirsty Pardner? - Stabbed and killed by Ale 
  36. Paintful Love - Cancelled, but was confirmed to have died by explosion
  37. Trapping the Robot - Head crushed by a first aid kit.
  38. Trippin' Class - Crushed by elevator.
  39. Villains Control! - Crushed by Ufo.
  40. The IQ Test - Dies in explosion
  41. Black to the Future - Shuts down when Sparky causes a blackout. Later revived than crushed by Hippy
  42. Surevival Catastrophe - Explodes when Jumpers tries to perform the heimlech maneuver on him.
  43. Hell-iday - Crushed by a loader.
  44. Cyber-Love - Explodes when he hears loud noise.
  45. Voodid it Again - Killed by the Flippy doll.
  46. Country Circuit - Ran over by Toothy (in 20's persona)
  47. Duel of Dustbowl - Blown up by Superspeed's rocket launcher
  48. Mechanical Upgrade - Crushed by a huge weight.
  49. Male Bonding - Malfunctions when root beer is spilled in his circuits.
  50. Joining the Trio - Crushed by an ice berg along with Trippy, Robo Star, and Hippy
  51. Blind as a Bat - Shredded by tire.
  52. For the Hundreth Time - Eaten by orca.
  53. Old or New (Part 1) - decaptiated by croquet mallet.
  54. Splendidn't Do Well - Falls out of treehouse.
  55. Baby Boom - Killed by bomb.
  56. Horse Power - Smashed by weight ball.
  57. Burning Love - Hit by fire ball.
  58. Road Trippy - Crushed by a giant ball of yarn.
  59. Club Rules - Head whacked off.
  60. A Smile Is Always Tree - Ran over by a tree.
  61. Busting A Move - Killed by Superspeed's taser during his testing of the weapon.

Ask Robo Star

Robo Star has a ask tumblr blog which can be viewed here. So far, he may be the first htf oc to have a ask blog. (He might not respond though probably because he may be busy).

He was on a long hiatus, but comes back in Feb 2013.

It can be viewed here http://askrobostarthehtfoc.tumblr.com/

Robo Star's ask blog


  • Running Gag: RS has been shown to like ponies in episodes occasionally.
  • His survival Rate is 44%
  • According to his diary, He was originally called "Scarfface"
  • Due to the Huge Scarf blocking his mouth, he often muffles
  • He was born in 1899
  • In The Vicious Cycle of 2fort and VS Saxton Hale he is a RED Pyro.
  • He is one of the many characters who survived their debut role.
  • He is one of the four characters who have an ask blog. The others being Torn,Trippy, and Hippy
  • Robo Star is also the first htf oc to have an ask blog
  • Despite his somewhat low survival rate, he survived in every season 1,season 7 and season 10 episodes he appeared in.
  • He also died in every season 6 and (debatably) season 5 episodes he appeared in.
  • The only season 9 episode he survived in was Mobbing the House
  • The only Fan Version episode he survived in was Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Fan Version)
  • He has a Blood Fest
  • Robo Star is the most frequent first victim to the cast. He was the first victim of Puffy,Dark Hour,Fluttershy,Twilight Sparkle, Spyguy and  Rainbow Dash
  • He was the first character who won in "Featured Fan Character"
  • According to his ask blog, Robo Star reads MLP creepypastas.
  • His animation appearance is ANIMATIONTEST1
  • He was the first male to have his own Character wiki account.
    • It can be viewed here
  • As confirmed by his creator as of now, RS is shown to get slightly bigger every season or so.
  • Although hes a robot, in the early seasons, he had normal red blood.
    • This was changed later on, his blood is now replaced with oil. (Dark grey)
  • Robo Star was submitted to the Truffles Video Comb Competion. Along with Capture,Bruiser and Hatchy
  • In HTF: BFAW, Robo Star ranked 18th (3rd to last place).
  • RS was confirmed to be in Happy Tree Fanon Island (Made by Respectthedisney5).
  • His birthday is October 1st.
  • Robo Star was confirmed to be in SCP Containment Breach Fanon Mod.
    • He takes the role as SCP-049
  • In fan version episodes he takes place of Cuddles.

Names in Other Languages


робо звезда


Robo Estrella


Robo Stern


ロボ スタ


Robo Estrela


Robo Gwiazda


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