Robo Star Superspeed Trippy

Superspeed, Robo Star and Trippy

This Article revolves around the friendships and conflicts of Robo Star,Superspeed and Trippy.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship


The trio all appeared together for the first time in this episode, they are seen all in the same RV, indicating their friendship

The Small Game

The trio played a game of baseball together, this is so far one of the few episodes where they appeared in their own episode.

Resurrect The Dead!

Both Robo Star and Trippy went to Superspeed's grave. Indicating they were presumed concerned for him.

Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode

When Robo Star was hit in the head by Gutsy's motorbike, Trippy hurridly rushes him to the hospital.

HTF Super Sluggers

Though it is technically a game. All three are on good chemistry. They also have their own team called "The Super Speeds". Superspeed is the captain while Robo Star and Trippy are co captains

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

The Vicious Cycle of 2fort

When Superspeed was shot in the head, while Trippy backstabbed Squish, Trippy showed no remorse for Superspeed, also when Trippy falls and breaks his neck, Robo Star laughs at him.

Friendship is No More

This episode involves the trio quarreling and breaking up, at the same time trying to regain friendship.

Duel of Dustbowl

Superspeed charges out of the BLU Respawn room and blows up Robo Star with the rocket laucher with no second thought.


  • All have been killed by Ale atleast once.
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