Rosy is red chipmunk with dark red hair, a white T-shirt, blue pants, and grey shoes.



Rosy is a nice person, who loves throwing tea-parties. She is a tomboy and loves playing football. Most of her deaths include being crushed (most of the time by a tree or a sign), being killed by Mime (accidentally) or because of something related to her ears (having a spear shoved through her ears).

She hates talking and sometimes when there's too much noise, her ears explode. She fears singing because of a nightmare where she sung and everybody threw rotten tomatoes at her. That's why she fears singing so much.

Death and Injuries

  • A Little Trip to the Store: got numerous injuries and died when a giant lollipop sign fell on her.
  • The Nice, Little Park: gets injured when she flew into a disco club and her ears exploded because of the loud music, causing her to die from blood loss.


  • Mime: She is in love with him, but he has no idea.
  • Disco Bear: She dislikes him because he keeps flirting with her and the other girls.
  • Flaky: She is Flaky's best friend.
  • Ribbons: She is the best friend of Ribbons.
  • Britton: She is on the same football team as him.


  • She likes drawing.
  • She and Mime may become a couple.
  • She's the third character that commited suicide, the first two being Petunia and Flippy.
  • She is the second character to go insane, the first one being Petunia.
  • She is the third character that has red fur. The others are Splendont and Flaky.