Ruddles is a fan-made HTF character.
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Ruddles is a grey/yellow/blue rabbit with an orange traffic cone on his head. He loves skateboarding and chewing bubble gum. He can also be sensitive and incompetent sometimes (seen in Kingdom Come). Ruddles is shown to be rather lower case, hence in his bad outfits, non-high paying jobs, etc. He's also rather strict and enjoys doing his jobs.

Hence his traffic cone, he usually has jobs involving the road, such as a crossing guard.


  1. Kingdom Come - Smashed against a wall.
  2. And The Hate Runs Run - Mauled by Perry.
  3. Deal or No Deal - Killed in an explosion.
  4. Super Freak - Forced into his traffic cone.
  5. Goat For The Record - Mauled by dogs.
  6. Angry Jerky Pig - Ran over.
  7. Smoochie Option 1 - Forced into a bucket.
  8. Smoochie Option 2 - Chokes on a whistle.
  9. Smoochie Option 3 - Lit on fire.
  10. Three Bucks - Murdered in an explosion.
  11. No Hand in Friendship - Ran over.
  12. Lowercase Eye - Hit by a car.
  13. Muddling With The Uddles - Crushed by a safe.
  14. Now you See Me - Crushed by a safe.
  15. Crossing and Walking - Heart puckled out by Frilly.
  16. Noc-Ed Out - Dies from wounds.
  17. Josh's Little Helpers - Ran over by Stacy.
  18. True Love Sucks - Ran over.
  19. The No Modern World - Ran over by Gusty's motorcycle.
  20. Rushin' Winter - Ran Over
  21. Car-Ful What You Wish For - Ran over by Petunia.


  • Hedge - 1 ("Super Freak")
  • Snowbal (YSK) - 1 ("Like a Swan")



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