Run and Bun 2: Hot Cross Buns is a fan-made sequel to Run and Bun. It features a total of 35 playable characters, 11 maps, a new powerup, and it also contains more in-app purchasing. It was released on iOS and Android in May 2016 and Kindle in July 2016, and ported to 3DS in December 2016.

Playable characters

Feel free to add your characters.

Character Vehicle Control Mechanism Favorite Map
Cream and Queen Cream rides a motor bike, while Queen sits in the attachible side seat. The seats are painted their respective colors. The bike also apparently has training wheels. Tap to jump Town
Lammy In a plane with Mr. Pickels Hold to fly Park
Disco Bear Jump Tap to jump Town
Cuddles Skateboard Tap to jump Town
Handy Jackhammer Tap to jump Construction Site
Mime Unicycle Tap to jump Amusement Park
Flippy Jetpack Hold to fly Jungle
Russell Boat-like vehicle Tap to jump River
Aurora Patagiums Hold to fly River
Switchy Tricycle Tap to jump Jungle
Random Uses her lemon juice to fly Hold to fly Desert


This game has 11 maps that any character can have as their favorite.

  • Town
  • Amusement Park
  • Jungle
  • Camp Pokeneyeout
  • Cave
  • River
  • Park
  • Construction Site
  • Dungeon
  • Science Lab
  • Desert

Frozen Bun

The Frozen Bun is a new powerup. It allows you to freeze any obstacle and smash into it to destroy it. Any smashed obstacles give 30 free buns.

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