Running Latte is an HTFF episode were Rush goes on a coffee run.


Episode Roles




The episode begins with Rush impatiently standing in line at the coffee shop. Rush grows more an more impatient as Stretchy tries to take the order of Mime. Rush then looks at his watch and freaks out at the time and pushes past Elliott and Mime and quickly makes his order. Scoopy shrugs and hands Rush an entire coffee pot, and he then rushes from the building. Caffeine is then seen waling down the street, drinking coffee when Rush bumps into him, knocking his coffee to the floor. Caffeine becomes upset but then spots the pot of coffee in Rush's hands and chases after him.

As he keeps running, Rush looks at his watch again and freaks out more. he then spots Tricks and Tracks with roller skates and skateboard, and he knocks Tracks over and steals his skateboard. Rush easily skates down the street when he looks back and spots Caffeine chasing after him on roller skates. Rush lets out a yelp and begins skating faster to avoid Caffeine. Then in the distance, Rush spots his destination, an office building. He smiles and looks at his watch, when end sup being a bad move because he doesn't see a rock on the sidewalk and hits it with the skateboard. Rush is sent flying into the air with the coffee pot and he land it lands on the ground. The screen then shows that Rush has been crushed partly into the pot.

Caffeine then slams into Rush and the pot and is send flying into a stop sign head first, and is body is compressed. The Mole is then shown walking on the sidewalk when he stubs his foot on Rush and the pot. He then bends over the the screen goes black.

The episode ends with Tycoon drinking from a coffee cup and spitting in horror as he finds its full of blood. The pot and Rush are then seen sitting on a counter.

End Tag

"Give A Little, Get a Latte"


  1. Rush is crushed into a coffee pot.
  2. Caffeine is compressed when he slams into a stop sign.


  • This episode is has no featuring characters but plenty of appearing characters.
  • This episode can be compared to the canon episode "Sweet Ride"
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