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This is a joke article. Don’t take it seriously.

Yeah yeah you get the jist let’s just get on with the episode


Sad Skunk enters an airport headed to Romania and points a gun at the lady at the desk, Cindy (GTCHTF).

SS: “Let me on the plane right this second”

Cindy: “Ok”

So Cindy put her fingers in her mouth and whistled, which got the plane over right away, and SS climbed on it.

The scene cuts to a Romanian business building and inside we see a random guy in the big chair, Sad Skunk walks in.

SS: “Good evening Mr, Assface”

Assface: “Bună, care este planul tău de a-l ucide pe Randy?”

SS: “What”

SS didn’t think about the fact she doesn’t speak Romanian what an idiot lol

SS: “Uhhhh vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei or whatever”

Assface: “God your poor grasp of this language is not very good, anyways what’s your plan to kill Randy”

SS: “We’re going to trick him”

Assface: “Ok”

The scene cuts to Randy walking out of his apartment to see what he thinks is Cub, and attacks it, but it gets pulled away.

He chases it for hours until he wanders into a shady alleyway to see Sad Skunk and Mr. Assface.

SS: “Die”

Randy: “No”

SS: “Ok”

So SS and Mr. Assface get killed instead lol

Yeah that’s it I’m kinda lazy right now


  • This is the first joke episode where GTC used a character that is supposed to be taken seriously.
    • It is also technically the first appearance of that said character.