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Name: Sapphire
Gender: Female
Animal: Mystic Wolf
Color: Light Blue
Relatives: *Parents Deceased
  • Older Sister Alive
Episode Count: 9
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 0
Kill Count: 0 (13 as Safire)
Deaths: 1 all in regular episodes
First Appearance: Party of a Life Time
First Victim: Disco Bear Party of a Life Time
First Death: Party of a Life Time

Sapphire is a light blue wolf with a rainbow and a leopard print fringe. She has a leather jacket, a camo top, a light purple mini skirt with yin and yang symbol, and dog tags around her neck.

Character Bio

Sapphire is a samurai whos parents were killed when she was a baby;however, Buddhist Monkey adopted her and trained her. When she was old enough, she set out to find her destiny and forgot a huge war was on. She stumbled into a war camp where she was knocked out and awoke to be questioned by Flippy, Ale, and Rex. They later all became friends and allies. Sapphire became Best Friends with Ale. They love sharing secrets and having sleepovers. Sapphire loves animals and nature and has alot of pets. Yuki is her pet Akita (Akita is a type of dog). Yuki is a samurai dog who buddhist monkey gave to her when she was little and Yuki was a puppy then so they grew up together. Sapphire lives in a house behind a waterfall, behind the waterfall is a beatiful cherry blossom tree which is her house and a lovely garden growing herbs, bamboo, flowers, fruit and more. She has an evil side called Safire (Sapphire spelt wrong) and when she flips out she grows long sharp claws on her hands which she uses to kill. She loves chocolate. It's one of her greatest weakneses. She hates hateful and nasty people. She works hard for her friends and will always be there for them.

Starring Roles

  1. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya

Number of Kills



  1. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya - Cut in half by a tree stump
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