Chief of police.png
Gender: Male
Interest(s): Being with Friends
Protecting People
World War 2
Species: Grey Wolf
Color: Grey
Relatives: Rexxy
Age: 21
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Ale, Trippy
Generic Tree Friends
Enemies/Rivals: H.T.T.G.A
Punk The Gangster
Lifty and Shifty
Love Interest(s): Candy-Heart
Kill Count: (Regular:16)


Deaths: 30 26 From Regular Episodes
2 from Breaks
First Appearance: Flippy and his Twenty
First Victim: Flippy From Royal Tree Inn
First Death: Flippy and his Twenty


Savaughn is very short tempered. Anything that goes wrong can make him very angry however, he will not flip out. (Normally he only flips out when he see's bullying or name calling or if he hears a name he was once called) When angered, Savaughn may yell so loud that windows may break. It mostly involves one department member messing up. (As seen in Anger Management)

Character Bio

Savaughn character info.

Savaughn is a nice and very friendly grey wolf who is the chief of the police. He wears a blue uniform with four gold stars on each arm. He wears a black tie but most of it is hidden due to uniform. He has black pants with yellow stripes on it as well as dog tags around his neck. He even has one of those police hats with the badge on it and the same gloves as Ale. He can flip out sometimes, but only when someone calls him a name or says his name wrong like when he was in school. People called him lots of names he didn't like. He also served in the very ending of the war. Savaughn loves pets and animals and his most favorite animal is an owl. His favorite pet is Lunar, an old tabby cat who is 70-years-old in cat years.

Evil Side

Savaughn has an Evil side named Savana or just as known as Evil Savaughn. He will kill anyone in sight, even Josh (his friend) and Flippy. He got his PTSD from school in grade 6 from being called names too much. He does have guns which he will use and a Bowie knife from the war. Savaughn has a pistol and a sword; he might use these to kill sometimes.

Good Side

Savaughn's good side, he's normally only mean to bad people and will only use his weapons if he needs to. He also has handcuffs so he can handcuff bad guys and a taser to zap bad guys to stop moving so he can handcuff them easier.

Episode List

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  1. Flippy and his Twenty:killed by Flippy's grenade.
  2. Royal Tree inn:Dies when the Hotel Collapses.
  3. TreeGary Trip : Ran over.
  4. Airport Madness:Dies when the Airport Collapses.
  5. Why Flip Out:Sliced in Half by Ale
  6. Vacation Disaster:Ran over.
  7. It's Raining:Crushed and spattered by lions.
  8. Till Death Do Us Part: Shot in the head.
  9. Geological Core-uption : Ran over by Lumpy's truck.
  10. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  11. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends - Falls off bridge and drowns.
  12. Crash Course - Crushed by Gutsy's motorcycle.
  13. Stare Case - Killed in explosion.
  14. Winning Streak - Killed when his car explodes.
  15. Exit to the Tree Shop - Grinded by the friction.
  16. Skewered Squab - Eaten by ravens.
  17. Blind as a Bat - Killed by waterfall (debatable, not seen).
  18. Dectective Troubles - Stabbed by Psycho.
  19. Jail Boar - Crashes into a tree.
  20. Hawaii Five O - Killed when his boat explodes.
  21. New Sheriff In Town - Face kicked in.
  22. Mime After Mime - Killed by a bomb.
  23. Over the Speed - Ran over by Ellie.
  24. Hearing Vision - Died in the collision.
  25. Mixing the Doe - Crushed by donut sign.
  26. You Can Thank Me Paper - Hit in the face by a manhole cover.
  27. Contact Savaughn - Impaled by Cadbury's quills.
  28. Babysitting Nightmare - Ran over by a car.
  29. Bitter Get Moving - Flattened by Brass.
  30. We've Melt With This - Dies in an oven explosion.



  • His survival rate is 66.29%.


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