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Scales is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Scales is a purple pangolin (or scaly anteater). He is described as a funny little guy who loves to stick his nose into other peoples' business.

He likes being a busybody, someone who meddles or pries with the affairs of others. He also likes to help people. Ironically, he is afraid of insects, spiders, and other creepy crawlies, and is in fact a vegetarian.


Featuring Roles




  1. All Work and No Belay - Flies off a ski lift and plummets (debatable)
  2. Gems the Breaks - Shredded into Wooly's wood chipper.
  3. Can You Feel it Now? - Falls off roller coaster (debatable).


  • Unnamed Scales promotional image: Front of his trunk cut off.
  • Intestine 1,2,3 - Scales scraped off.



  • In fan version episodes, he takes place of Sniffles.
  • According to the HTF social site, he has a low death rate, but may get injured a lot. Much of his deaths are debatable.
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