Seerin is fanon character and one of HTFF villans.


Seerin is a blue siren with some fish-like features and melodic voices. She's very dangerous and sensual creature yet look pretty and innocent. She can be aggressive when someone provokes her, good people or bad people, she'll kill them no matter what.

In her spare time, Seerin usually sings a melodic song while sits on rock, shore and surface of water. By doing this, someone who near her will approach and Seerin will kill him/her in brutal ways.

If she's not killing the characters, there'll be a chance the characters become her allies/slaves/lovers. When her partners get killed, Seerin will either eats them or leaves their corpses behind.

Seerin in most of the times is shown to be friendly and nice character but harmful or innocent but sexual. According to the creator, Seerin represents lust, one of Seven Deadly Sins, it also make sense since she lure her victims to be her lovers, she lust for love and blood, and look pretty innocent but actually sensual.

Her deaths involves fire-related things, evaporated and sea animals.

Skills and Abilities

As a siren, Seerin do has several abilities similar to sirens, although few of them aren't:

  • Singing melodic songs to lure her victims to be her meals or her slaves.
  • Screaming loudly that can make the ceiling of places collapsed.
  • Swimming very fast as sharks.
  • Whipping her tail to prevent the enemies' attacks.
  • Summoning some icy spears, spikes and shields.
  • Firing some icy spears to her enemies.





  1. Sounding the Siren - Killed by a sea mine (offscreen).
  2. Dueling Sirens - Shredded by ship propeller.
  3. Sea Things Differently - Killed by Russell's hook.


  • Eddy - 1 ("Sounding the Siren")
  • Lifty - 1 ("Dueling Sirens" along with Coral)
  • Shifty - 1 ("Dueling Sirens" along with Coral)
  • Coral - 1 ("Dueling Sirens")
  • Quacks - 1 ("Dueling Sirens" along with Coral)


  • Her name comes from the word "siren".
  • She could be has two elements; water and ice.
  • Her design was updated to remove her legs as well as changing her eyes, hair and tail fin.


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