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Crash test senseless

Senseless is a fanon character of HTF.

Character Bio

Senseless is a yellow rabbit who appears to have gone through a lot of trouble, noted by a burnt hair, burn marks, and bandages.

As his name clarifies, he has almost no senses at all. He is deaf as his ears were burnt off, he can't smell due to his missing nose, he can't feel anything because of his bandaged arms and feet, and his bandaged tongue prevents him from tasting. He only has sight from his remaining eye, but is nearly blind as shown by his grey pupil. 

Since he almost never has sense of anything, this can make him extremely hazardous. Senseless seems to be quite foolish most of the time, either due to brain damage or was simply born dumb. He is also mute. His stupidity and other lack of sense can sometimes lead characters into terrible predicaments. Whether he even knows if other characters are around him is unknown.  

Despite being very accident-prone, his apparently painful past, and sometimes called a "walking bad luck charm", Senseless is actually one of the luckiest characters on the show. He almost never dies. At times where he gets hurt, he rarely feels the pain and instead laughs at it. He can do strange random things at any time.


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  1. Senseless Makes Sense - Drowns in a lake.
  2. Zero Sensibility - Gets vaporized by Zero's laser gun.
  3. The Part Where He Pranks You - Died when the chamber collapsed. (debatable)

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  • In his original design, Senseless had bright yellow fur with burn marks. Currently, his fur is paler with crash test symbols for cheeks.
  • His burnt hair and ears were inspired by a rabbit character called Ransom.
  • He is the second character with a grey pupil, the first being Leif, and the third is Jackie and Jackson.
  • His bandaged white tongue is seen when he opens his mouth.
  • Senseless can be described as a combination of LumpyMime, The Mole, and Eary. This is because, respectively, these characters are stupid, mute, blind, and deaf. Senseless is all these things.
  • He is the first character with a lack of smell and taste.
  • Sometimes, Senseless eats things like dirt because of his lack of taste and bad sight.
  • It is not uncommon for other characters, and especially fans, to feel sorry for him.
  • He is completely mute except for some occasional squeaks.    


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