~41 - Shard at Work
Standing on a step ladder, with a box of light bulbs next to her, The Beaver attempts to change a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Having no hands, this proves unsuccessful and The Beaver gives her trademark frustrated look. Thinking for a second, The Beaver leans over and lightly bites down on the bulb and attempts to unscrew it with her teeth. Unfortunately, the ladder she's standing on tips over and The Beaver has to bite down on the bulb to save himself from falling.

Many feet below him, the light bulbs fall to the floor and break, spreading glass everywhere. Eventually the light bulb The Beaver is hanging from breaks, and she falls to the ground. As blood comes out of her mouth, The Beaver starts screaming to reveal glass shards are stuck in her mouth and sticking through the skin in her face. She tries spitting the glass shards out, to no avail, and screams as she finds further glass shards lodged in her back.

The Beaver looks over and sees a first aid kit, which she begins to walk towards. Unfortunately, she doesn't see a large shard of glass below her, and he ends up stepping on it, impaling her foot. She hops backwards in pain, knocking a fishbowl into the air, which lands upside down on her head. The water remains in the bowl and turns light red. The Beaver starts stumbling around, eventually hitting her head (and the bowl) against the wall. She gets an idea and continuously hits the bowl against the wall in an effort to get it to break.

Even as objects fall off a shelf and land on the bowl, the glass doesn't break. Finally, The Beaver falls down and a feather (a quill) floats down and lands on the fish bowl, breaking the glass. Sadly, The Beaver has already died. The goldfish that was in the bowl swims in the pool of blood and water in The Beaver's mouth.

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