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"She Combined Me with Science" is a season 120 episode of HTFF.


Lab Rat is pulling cruel experiments on Paws and Diamond. Paws is attached to various wires and is shown trying to press buttons before a large vulture does. The vulture keeps on pressing the button before Paws does, electrocuting her. Meanwhile, Diamond is also attached to something and is forced to run on a treadmill. Lab Rat pulls a train whistle and says that his coffee is done, so he will take a coffee break, and so can the girls. He steps out of the lab. Diamond says she had enough of Lab Rat's torture. Test Dumby walks up to them and says he has an idea to get back at Lab Rat.

Lab Rat comes back and opens the door until a bowling ball lands on him and cracks his head open. Diamond and Paws freak out, and Test Dumby says he thought this would be like a cartoon. Diamond then puts his body on a nearby table. Suddenly, the vulture sees Lab Rat's dead body and begins pecking at it. Diamond tries to shoo the thing away. Paws is busy trying to clean off the blood on the floor, until Diamond orders her to go get a spare body. Paws than rushes out and gets an idea. She rushes to the cemetery and digs up the corpse of her late Aunt Jagger. She then comes back and decides to place Lab Rat's brain instead of the body of their aunt.

Test Dumby comes back saying he got more paper towels until he sees Diamond and Paws covered in blood form opening their late aunt's skull. He thinks both Paws and Diamond are zombies, so he pulls out a gun and shoots them both. He then decides to throw the bodies into the trash pile outside. When he gets back, he sees the vulture pecking at the flesh and thinks the vulture is a zombie too, but realizing he ran out of bullets, he tries to throw the gun at the vulture. It flies away. He then sees the remains of Aunt Jagger and Lab Rat and gets an idea. Lab Rat walks up and requests he get a mirror. Test Dumby shows Lab Rat the mirror and the latter finds out he is a weird lynx-rat abomination. Test Dumby says the zombie bird ate most of the body parts. Lab Rat is angry at Test Dumby. Test Dumby says he should calm down, but as he sets aside his mirror, he sees blood on him, and he thinks he is a zombie himself, so he runs away into the cemetery and jumps into the open casket where Aunt Jagger was buried.


"Two wrongs don't make a right!"


  • Diamond and Paws are shot to death.
  • Test Dumby may have died when he jumped into the casket. (debatable)


  • This episode introduces a new redesign for Lab Rat, as well as Paws.
  • The title is a reference to the song She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby.
  • This is one of few times guns are shown in the series.
  • The vulture resembles the ones sound in the canon episode "Just Desert".
  • The original plot had Lab Rat becoming the foster parent for Paws and her siblings after Uncle Jagger and Aunt Chilly got arrested, but for an unknown reason, it never came to be.
  • This is the first time Uncle Jagger's deceased wife, Aunt Jagger, is shown in the show.