Sheepy is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Sheepy is literally a wolf in sheep's clothing. However, she assumes she is a real sheep; doing things such as bleating and eating grass. She has in fact been adopted by a family of sheep and has no idea of her true species.

She wears a white wool hoodie which she never takes off because she thinks it's attached to her skin. Most people are aware she is wolf in a wooly suit, but whenever someone tries telling her, she will simply assume they are crazy. Her guise is enough to fool certain characters though.

Friendly and docile most of the time, there is one thing that triggers Sheepy. Whenever she comes into contact with blood or meat (tasting or smelling it), her suppressed carnivorous instincts take over and she mauls whoever is nearby.






  1. Dress As a Girly - Has her face burned and melted.
  2. Home Sour Home! - Ran over by a truck.
  3. Un-porcine Circumstances - Frontal lobe bitten off (death not shown).
  4. Full Moon Feast - Body falls apart from one of Kiyoko's voodoo dolls.


  • Lammy - 1 ("Sheepy and Mr. Sausage")
  • Shepard - 2 ("Sheepy and Mr. Sausage", "Ringing Off the Cook")
  • Poachy - 2 ("Sheep Thrills", Take a Byte")
  • Cud - 1 ("Sheep Thrills")
  • Fatty - 1 ("Burning Calories")
  • Clam - 1 ("Have a Wool Trip")
  • Flaky - 1 ("Home Sour Home!")
  • Hokahoka - 1 ("Home Sour Home!")
  • Roger - 1 ("Full Moon Feast") 


  • Her original concept was created by Sugar&spicearenotspecial, but her name and personality were given by the user who adopted her.
  • While she often talks by bleating (like Lammy), she has been known to howl when she cries.
  • She has a relationship with Shepard.


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