Shelly new
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Swimming, Playing the Clarinet
Species: Turtle
Color: Green
Relatives: Crazy ("Husband")

Arietta & Melody (Daughters)

Age: Early 20's
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Crazy
Flippy (sometimes)
Enemies/Rivals: Ale
Disco Bear
Love Interest(s): Crazy
Kill Count: 0
First Appearance: Good Knight
First Victim: {{{18}}} {{{19}}}
First Death: {{{20}}}
Shelly is a fanon character of Happy Tree Friends.


Shelly is a green turtle. She is sometimes a coward and often hides in her shell and on some occasions, she has some moments of bravery. She sometimes turns evil and goes on a killing spree whenever she gets annoyed by someone or something. She enjoys planting flowers in her garden, listening to jazz music and playing her clarinet. She sometimes ends up in situations where her shell ends up being destroyed or taken off leaving her naked.


Shelly is Crazy's girlfriend and she likes him because like her, he enjoys jazz music and plays an instrument and he likes her because he thinks she's cute.


  • Like her boyfriend, she also uses her instrument as a weapon.
  • She also uses her shell as a weapon with her power of aciukinesis.
  • Like Russell, Petunia, Josh, Elliott, Pierce, Perry, Buck and Chuck, she is another Tree Friend with a realistic human name.
  • Like Lumpy, Crazy, Sneaky,Otus and Sniffles, she is another Tree Friend without a heart-shaped nose
  • Like, Lumpy, Giggles, Josh, Wooly and Clumsy, she is another Tree Friend whose butt has been shown.
  • In fan version episodes she was took place of Flippy. Later, She was took place of Flaky in the episode Royal Flush


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