Shivers is a white beaver wearing a blue striped scarf around her neck. She is the beloved girlfriend of Peppery and both of them would do almost anything for each other. She was cryobiologically engineered to be able to withstand excrutiatingly low temperatures. She has a unique immunity to diseases and never dies of sickness, her deaths often involve metal and getting impaled by it.

Starring Roles

1. Cryo Mechanical

2. Meat your Maker

3. What Time is It?

4. We're Toast

Featuring Roles

1. Hardware Gore

2. That's Gonna Cost You!


1. Cryo Mechanical: Impales herself with a crowbar and gets crushed by a piston.

2. What Time is It?: Gets impaled on a sundial.

3. We're Toast: Chokes on toast, gets her hand caught in a toaster, her tail stuck in a blender, and gets shredded, burned, and suffocated all at the same time.

4. Hardware Gore: Walks through an aisle of cotton that fell of the shelves, touches a doorknob, and gets electrocuted.