Show me the Big Picture is a fanon episode of HTF. This episode reveals how Josh got his artistic talent.
Sunrise picture

The sunrise is a perfect shade of blood-red.






Josh does some house cleaning and dusts a picture frame, accidentally dropping it. The picture is revealed to be a photo of Josh's first big picture ever made; the origin of his talent in art. The sight of it causes Josh to have a flashback.

In the flashback, Josh is seen trying to copy the Mona Lisa, failing badly. He wishes he could do better in art and then sees the beautiful sunrise in the horizon. Struck with an idea, Josh carries art supplies outside to paint the sun. Josh tries to set up the eisel, but it breaks apart. For an alternative solution, Josh lays a large tarp on the ground and the canvas over it. He looks at the sun to get started.

Lumpy and Handy paint a building just nearby. Lumpy discovers they have no paint and sees Josh working, so he sneaks over and takes a bucket of paint. As he runs back he spills paint on Josh's foot. Josh proceeds to wipe his foot clean, putting the canvas down. Gutsy passes on his motorcycle and runs over the canvas, causing Josh to yell at him. Having not understood, Gutsy drives back to hear him, accidentally running over his foot. Josh screams and hops around as his foot squirts blood on the tarp.

Gutsy quickly drives off to avoid a possible confrontation. Unfortunately, he accidentally bumps into a ladder that Handy was standing on, causing him to fall. Lumpy is shown to have spilled some paint and tries putting it back into the buckets, unaware of the mishap until Handy lands on his antler, forcing him into a bucket. The ladder then falls and slices Gutsy.

After covering his wounded foot with bandages, Josh looks at the tarp to find that it has been "painted" to look exactly like the red sunrise in the distance. Mouser, looking at a splash of paint/blood shaped like his head, calls him a true artist. Josh proudly snaps a photo of his first masterpiece and walks off with his art supplies into the sunrise to begin his new artistic life.


"Talent is in your blood!"


  1. Handy gets impaled on Lumpy's antler.
  2. Lumpy is forced into a bucket.
  3. Gutsy is sliced by the ladder.


  • This reveals Josh's first big picture.
  • A splash of blood shaped like Mouser's head is seen beside the painted sunrise.
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