Shrikes is a HTFF character.


Character Bio

Shrikes is a grey-purple shrike. Just like a shrike in reality, Shrikes is known for using things like thorn bushes and barbed wire to impale his prey. However, Shrikes himself is actually a dangerous criminal and his "prey" tends to be other characters.

A telltale sign that Shrikes is nearby would be the sight of his victims' impaled corpses. Shrikes gets arrested fairly often but can easily escape from prison by flying. His usual targets are characters he would want to eat, whose body parts he'd want to use, or if they offended him in some way.

Among Shrikes' favorite victims are "delicious" insect characters, which also makes him one of the main antagonists in Happy Insect Friends.




  • TBA




  1. Shrike Three: You're Dead - Dies when a stake impales his head.
  2. Birds and Bugs - Impaled on a branch.
  3. Meal Before Me - Burns to death.


  1. Shrike One - Steps on glass, Impaled on a wooden post.
  2. Shrike Three: You're Dead - Impaled on a rock (before death).
  3. Meal Before Me - Set on fire.


  • Squag - 1 ("Shrike One")
  • Skittery - 2 ("Shrike One", "Birds and Bugs")
  • Maggie - 1 ("Shrike One")
  • Twiggy - 2 ("Shrike One", "Birds and Bugs")
  • Hercules - 1 ("Shrike One")
  • Paws - 1 ("Shrike Two" along with Prongs)
  • Prongs - 1 ("Shrike Two" along with Pierce)
  • Snorkels - 1 ("Shrike Two")
  • Creepy and Crawly - 1 ("Shrike Three: You're Dead")
  • Giggles - 1 ("Shrike Three: You're Dead" along with Splendid)
  • Humphrey - 1 ("Birds of Different Feathers")


  • He could be based off of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Unsurprisingly, Shrikes almost always kills by impaling. A lot of his deaths are also like this.


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