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Silence is Old-en is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Mono is cleaning his attic when he makes a discovery, a box of old black and white, silent films along with a projecter. Mono is excited with his doscovery and takes the box downstairs. Mono soon sets up everything and starts a film, only a little bit into the film Mono is disrupted by a horrible squawking sound. Mono looks for the source of the noise and spots Squawkie in his backyard, sitting on a his fence, squawking. Mono is annoyed by this and opens up a window, he then procceds to shoos at Squawkie who makes a rasberry at him and flys off.

With Squawkie gone, Mono goes back to his film only for horrible music to disturb him. Mono looks into his backyard and hears the music coming from across the fence. Annoyed, Mono heads into his backyard and peers over his fence to see Braze playing a tuba while McPipes plays his bagpipes. Mono trys to tell them to be quiet but the music is too loud and they don't hear. Going to more drastic meaures, Mono looks around his yard and spots a garden hose, at the sight of it a smile appears on his face.

McPipes continues to play his bagpipes along with Braze when suddenly a blast of water hits the horn of Braze's tuba and gushes into his mouth, making him swell from the water. McPipes gasp and just then he is also hit with water and falls to the ground, accidently butting Braze and popping him.

Unaware of Braze's death, Mono lets out a sigh in relief and goes back to finish his film, only to find it has ended. Anooyed by this, Mono attempts to rewind the film be hand only to end up tangled in the film. In his struggle to get free, Mono turns on the prjecter and the film starts tightening until Mono is sliced to bits.


"Silence is gold, But ducktape is silver"


  1. Braze pops.
  2. Mono is sliced up by film.


  • Mono's death is similar to Lumpy's in the HTF Break called Happy New Year.
  • The film Mono was watching was Dino-Sore Days
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