Silhouette is a fanon character of HTF and the winner of the creator's second Vote or Die poll.

Character Bio

Silhouette is a dark blue groundhog with some hair standing up on her head. She has Sciophobia, or a fear of shadows. Many shadows scare her, but none are worse than her own.

Although silent, Silhouette's shadow constantly torments her. It can change form, size, and even leave Silhouette's body. It is also an immortal entity that can survive virtually anything. So it can continue to live even when Silhouette dies.

Silhouette's shadow will often do things, such as attack other peoples' shadows, or other shadow-related activities. Silhouette herself is later shown to have done these and gets the blame.

It is possible that she is only imagining her shadow coming to life. However, there have been clues proving her shadow is a living being, such as its tendency to harm the shadows of other characters and use shadows of objects and weapons.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Shadows and Sunshine: Punched to death by Zero.
  2. Food Fight: Killed by cleaver.
  3. Short Fuse: Crushed by big shoes.
  4. Never Say Neverland: Impaled on fence pole.
  5. Overshadowed: Decapitated offscreen.
  6. Cloak and Digger: Sliced by a shovel.
  7. Inn of Imagintion: Dies when her house explodes.

Kill count

  • Howdy - 1 ("Shadow in the Night")
  • Trippy - 1 ("Shadow in the Night")
  • Squabbles - 1 ("Shadow in the Night")
  • Sniffles - 1 ("Shadows and Sunshine")
  • Hippy - 1 ("Shadows and Sunshine")
  • Pierce - 1 ("Food Fight")
  • Food Fight - 1 ("Food Fight")
  • Drama - 1 ("Overshadowed" along with the Mole)
  • Cubey - 1 ("Inn of Imagiantion")
  • Draco - 1 ("Inn of Imagination" along with Mr. Pickels)


  • Her concept was inspired by groundhog shadows, which are used to predict the arrival of spring.
  • She was originally going to be named Shadow, but that name is already owned by several other characters.
    • Also, she used to be light blue with curly hair. 
  • Silhouette's shadow may be able to cause harm to people by harming their shadows. 
  • Losing characters from the poll (Jackson and Pipsqueak) used to both appear as cameos in episodes involving Silhouette. While Jackson still makes cameos in Silhouette's episodes, Pipsqueak became a character called Cocktail.


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