Sir Emily Chaotic (also known as just Sir Emily)
Sir Emily 2
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Unknown
Species: Human
Color: Tan
Relatives: Raven and Eagle (parents)
Violet (sister)
Age: Unknown
Size: Same as Jen-Jen (possibly)
Friends/Allies: VJ and Daisy
Enemies/Rivals: Jen-Jen
Love Interest(s): Unknown
Kill Count: TBA
Deaths: TBA TBA
First Appearance: Grand Size Me
First Victim: TBA TBA
First Death: TBA

Character Bio

Sir Emily is a posh school girl with a pink line paint on her hair. On Fun and Games she stopped Pop and Cub from making everything fun. She's rivals with Jen-Jen. In The Big Dance she dressed up as Jen-Jen in her battle clothes.



Grande Size Me

Go Giggles Go!

Its My Birthday not you

The Big Dance

Plant day (seen in the Begining)

Fun and Games

Night of the Were-Tree Friend

Smarty Pants

Out of Control

Hard Lucky

Crazy Bear

Full Power

Tough Love

The Increible Bulk

Ewww Thats Growth

This is halloween

Mid form zone

rebel robot ranch

Ginny in wonderland


Pandemic 2: the startling

The Big attack

The Tattletale of Frankenette

Big in Time

Sugar Sweet

Time of Mime part 2

Time of Mime Part 3

Disco Blob

Clown Hater

Aliens can control you mind?

Transform but really Big

Pepper Cat the movie

Risen of Dark Bear

The 10 Power Sqaure

Supers of them all

Battle to the face

The mask of beast