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Sir Gron was a cat who was killed during the crusades during the 13th century in Happy Tree Town. The undead crusader was revived after lightning struck his rotten corpse.


Sir Gron's character info.

His helmet is rusted (the orange spots), and he is still wearing his tattered crusader clothes. He has no arm because it was chopped off before he died. Despite being a zombie-like creature now, he is actually very kind to other residents of tree town, well most of them. Petunia hates him because she thinks he looks scary, along with Pinkie. He also hates Flippy because in episodes with both him and Flippy, Flippy tends to rip off one of his bones and use them to kill other tree friends. Sir Gron doesn't scream when his body parts come off because he is already "dead".

Sir Gron rarely dies. Most of his deaths involve explosions.

Sir Gron's Episodes


  1. A History Be Known
  2. Why Bones Trick Pranks
  3. One Last Crusade
  4. Bone to be Wild
  5. Battle of the Boneheads
  6. You're History
  7. Flesh Air
  8. Bon Appetit


  1. I have a boney feeling
  2. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  3. Driving Problems
  4. Blocking You Out
  5. Grave Problems
  6. Hair's Ice and Ice's Cheese
  7. Undead Reckoning
  8. Bonfire Nightmare
  9. Falling to Peices
  10. Now Museum. Now You Don't
  11. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  12. Sir Kills-a-Lot
  13. Heads Will Roll


  1. Pranks for the Memories
  2. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode
  3. Lone Moose
  4. The Big Three Oh!
  5. Right Here, Right Now
  6. El Goat Sucker
  7. Infest or Ingest
  8. Raging Against the Machine
  9. Non-Dead
  10. Broken Hearts and Chipped Beaks
  11. Fold It Right There
  12. Ain't No Fantasy


  • Puffy - 2 ("A History Be Known", Grave Problems)
  • Trippy - 2 ("A History Be Known", One Last Crusade")
  • Superspeed - 2 ("A History Be Known", "One Last Crusade")
  • Spite - 1 ("One Last Crusade")
  • Pranky - 1 ("One Last Crusade")
  • Devious - 1 ("One Last Crusade")
  • Fungus - 1 ("One Last Crusade" debatable)
  • Pierce - 1 ("Grave Problems")
  • Josh - 1 ("Battle of the Boneheads" along with Grunts)
  • Giggles - 1 ("Battle of the Boneheads" along with Grunts)
  • Grunts - 1 ("Battle of the Boneheads")
  • Freezy - 1 ("Greedy Greedy Tree Friends")
  • Kit-Kat - 1 ("Greedy Greedy Tree Friends")
  • Others - Hundreds (Soldiers in "You're History" along with Takeda Nokashi)
  • Mass - 1 ("Bon Appetit")



  1. Prior to series - Killed in the crusades centuries ago.
  2. I have a boney feeling - Possibly dies when Ale uses his bones for weapons (debatable)
  3. One Last Crusade - Dies in explosion
  4. Hair's Ice and Ice's Cheese - Splattered by Cro-Marmot's ice block.
  5. Naughty or Naughtier - crushed by bjorn
  6. Now Museum. Now You Don't - Head is crushed by  a t-rex skull.
  7. Lone Moose - Killed by torpedo.
  8. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.


  1. I have a boney feeling - Body torn apart by Ale
  2. Autopsy Turvy: the actual episode - Bones broken apart for unknown reasons.
  3. Driving Problems - Body destroyed in crash, leaving head and few bones
  4. Bone to be Wild - Broken apart and burnt by fire.
  5. Battle of the Boneheads - Broken apart after falling from chandelier chain.
  6. Bonfire Nightmare - Broken apart by fireworks and head sent flying.
  7. You're History - Stomped on by T-Rexy.
  8. The Big Three Oh! - Taken apart by Pierce.
  9. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends - Hit by van, bones scattered. 
  10. El Goat Sucker - Taken apart by Cryptie.
  11. Flesh Air - Rips off arm, gets cuts, and eaten by piranhas.
  12. Infest or Ingest - Body blown apart by grenade.
  13. Sir Kills-a-Lot - Smashed by a medieval flail.
  14. Heads Will Roll - Trampled by a horse (body later reassembled by stitching).
  15. Ain't No Fantasy - Broken apart by Blobby's scooter.



  1. Running Gag: Sir Gron shatters in most episodes he appears in.
  2. Oddly enough, Petunia is the only character who is scared of him.
  3. His survival rate is 91% (or debatably 66%).
  4. So far, in only four episodes he dies a confirmed death.
  5. His clothes resemble a Templar Knight.
  6. In Flesh Air, he temporarily got skin and organs from surgery. He decided he liked being a skeleton better.


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