Sleep Fighter is a fanon HTF Break.
Video gaming

Wonder what kind of game they're playing?



Trippy, Superspeed, and Elliott are seen playing a video game. They select characters to fight each other, and the first round begins. Trippy and Superspeed fight each others' characters while repeatedly hitting the buttons on their controllers uncontrollably. However, Elliott gets drowsy and falls asleep.

Elliott sees himself in a video game realm with strange creatures which try to attack him. Elliott kills them with his claws and by kicks and punches. He soon sees the boss of the game, a large shadowed monster. Elliott uses numerous kung fu moves and takes down the opponent, then finishes him off by hitting him with a mallet.

The scene shows Elliott in the real world, still with his eyes closed and holding a hammer. It is revealed that he has destroyed much of the room and the TV, as well as splattered Superspeed and Trippy's body parts everywhere.


  1. Trippy and Superspeed are killed by Elliott during his sleep battle.


  • The name of the episode is a parody on the video game Street Fighter.
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