Sleep choke

Nutty should have slept with his mouth closed.

Sleepy-Time's Over is an episode of Season 23. In this one, Pierce is invited to a slumber party with Elliott.


  1. Pierce


  1. Giggles
  2. Nutty
  3. Fungus
  4. Crafty
  5. Elliott


  1. Robo Star


Pierce gets out of bed, eats his cereal, then looks at his calender. He screams because today's the day he goes to a slumber party with Elliott. Pierce goes out of his house. On the way there he sees Robo Star and punches him.

When Pierce gets to Elliott's house, he sees Giggles, Nutty, Fungus, and Crafty dancing and Elliott eating and sleeping at the same time. He asks Elliott how he's going but Elliott dosen't answer as he is asleep. Pierce is obviously angry so he uses cymbals to wake Elliott up. He does but then falls asleep again.

At bedtime, Pierce decides to be naughty. He tapes sandpaper to Giggles' and and tickles her nose with a feather, causing her to scrape off her face when she reaches to scratch. Pierce puts a giant candy bar in Nutty's mouth, so he chokes to death. He shoots Fungus with a ball gun. He fixes the wall bed Crafty is on, causing it to slam back into the wall.

The next morning, Pierce says goodbye to Elliott and leaves but as soon as he leaves he is run over by Robo Star's car as revenge for punching him.


  1. Giggles' face is scraped off by sandpaper.
  2. Nutty chokes on a giant candy bar.
  3. Fungus is shot.
  4. Crafty is splattered.
  5. Pierce is run over by Robo Star.
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