Smith Save is a HTFF game for the computer where Squabbles must keeps Smith safe.

Game Description

OH NO! There was an explosion at the dump and now dangerous debris is falling all over. Take control of Squabbles as he attempts to keep Smith safe.

Game Details

The begins with a large text window giving the instructions for the game which are to use the left and right arrow keys to move Squabbles and the spacebar to push Smith. The game then begins with Smith standing in the middle of the screen and Squabbles next to him. As objects begin falling from the sky, the player must help Squabbles move Smith from under falling objects while also avoiding objects themselves. The player is given three lives and Smith is given two. If your lives run out (by getting hit by objects) then the game ends and Squabbles is shown crushed by a motor. The same is with Smith however the game over shows Smith sliced by a saw.

Players can collect power ups and lives to help them pass all thirteen levels. Winning the game while whoa a clip of Squabbles cheering until Smith gets hungry and attacks him. Lives for Squabbles are hearts while Smith has feathers.

Power Ups

A list of power ups found in the game.

  • Umbrella: If small objects hit it they bounce if harmlessly. Last fifteen seconds.
  • Force Feild: Protects Smith or Squabbles from harm. Last fifteen seconds.
  • Nuke: Explodes any objects on screen.
  • Wagon: Makes pushing Smith easier. Last ten seconds.
  • Medicine: Restores either Smith's or Squabbles' life by a heart.


  1. If game over, Smith is sliced by a saw or Squabbles is crushed by a motor.
  2. If game is won, Squabbles is eaten by Smith.
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