Snake in the Grass is a HTF Fanon episode.
Snake in grass

It's not what Freaky thinks.

Starring Role


Freaky is seen in front of his open fridge, lost in his thoughts. Wiggles slithers by and spots Freaky, it lets out a hiss and slaps Freaky with its tail. Freaky yelps in pain and rembers what he was doing, so he shuts the fridge. Wiggles then hisses at Freaky again and points to a window with its tail. Confused by this, Freaky goes over to the window and looks out to see his backyard is overgrown with grass. Freaky lets out a nervouse laugh and heads outside.

Once outside, Freaky starts up his lawnmower and gets to work while Wiggles watches to make sure he works. Freaky quickly gets to work and starts mowing. After a little bit Wiggles decides Freaky is fine and goes to head inside only to find itself lost in the tall grass. Unfortunatly freaky has lost himself in thought and lets go of the mower which hits something and shoots a spray of "blood" out the mower. The "blood" hits Freaky and he rembers what he is doing.

Freaky sees the "blood" on himself and screams, fearing the worse. Freaky runs over to the source of the blood and picks up a shred of green "scales". freaky starts crying until he cuts himself and he looks to see he has cut himself on a broken jar of strawberry jelly. Freaky is confused and then relises he is holding a torn scarf. Reliefed by this, Freaky stops crying, unfortunatly he doesn't see the mower heading for him and he is ran over and shredded.

The episode ends with Wiggles arriving at the door to its home only to be covered in Freaky's blood.


  1. Freaky is ran over and shredded by the mower.


  • The supposed remains of Wiggles were actually strawberry jelly (blood) and a green scarf (scales).
  • Despite several prior appearances, this is Freaky and Wiggles' first starring role.
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