Snapshot is a character of HTFF.


Snapshot is a green ferret who is obsessed with and loves his camera. He never cares of anything around him except his camera. If he does, he more likely cares less about it sometimes.

Snapshot is seen as happy and overactive all the time. He takes some pictures around him, including embarassing moments, making some characters not very comfortable with him. Most of  the time, they actually enjoy Snapshot's positive personality.

Snapshot will be completely miserable and negative if something bad happens to his camera, even if his camera is out of battery. He starts to do anything bad to himself and others if that happens. The only thing that comes to his mind during his negativity is his camera.

Even though he mostly loves his camera, he's also a big fan of artists and tries to get near them. He's mostly very chatty when a popular character wants to chat with him and will also do anything that he wants to be the number one fan of the artist. Snapshot may be obsessed with an artist, but it's less than his obsession with his camera. The only things that he very cares about are his camera and popular artists.

He always takes very good pictures and very important things that will affect the future. He will collect all the pictures into his own album and rarely show it to other tree friends. Some characters don't realize some pictures that he took are very important and can predict their future, but it seems like no one ever cares about it, including Snapshot.

Since he's very obsessed with his camera, his deaths are also because of his obsession. He almost never cares of everything else when he starts his main activity. He also doesn't care if danger comes to him, even taking picture of it for the last time. He most often saves his camera than himself.


Starring roles

Featuring roles




  1. Imperfect Views - Died when the stage collapsed on him.
  2. Josh's Little Helpers - Splattered into a billboard when his helicopter crashes into it.
  3. Get 'Em Like You See 'Em - Vaporized.
  4. Fool Me Once, Fool You Twice - Trampled by a tiger.
  5. Make a Cake, You Guessed It - Get crushed by a truck that driven by Magmo.
  6. On the Small Progress - Hit by a plank.
  7. Because You're Famous - Killed in the stage collapse and the fire.
  8. Leave the Nest - Smashed into the cliff.
  9. Xtreme Moves - Ran over by Ellie.
  10. Good Rebels - Crushed by a branch.
  11. Out of Focus - Crushed and flattened.
  12. The Killer Monarch - Eaten by killer butterfly.
  13. Chew at the Zoo - Decapitated.
  14. Magic Carpet Treatment - Crushed by the ceiling.
  15. Off Camera - Flattened by a sign.
  16. Cam I Am - Killed inside a studio's collapse.
  17. The Mole Of Loch Ness - Impaled on a sharp branch along with Zig and Zag.
  18. Whatever Votes Your Boat - Sliced into pieces by a kite string and suffers a heart attack.
  19. Picture Solstice - Vaporized by a flash.
  20. Hop Sweet Home - Electrocted and died in explosion. 
  21. Moment in Time - Slammed by a door.
  22. I Hope Your Somewhere Changing - Suffocates.
  23. Capture It All Off - Vaporized by the light beam.
  24. Teddy or Not - Decapitated by his camera's neckstrap.
  25. Have It on Photo - Sliced to pieces.
  26. Werefox to Intervention - Mauled to death by Riston.
  27. Wings of Change - Head impaled by hedge trimmers.


  1. Imperfect Views - Skin ripped into half.
  2. Out of Focus - Squeezed into the mailbox.

Kill count

  • Rad Raccoon - 1 ("Xtreme Moves")
  • Todd - 1 ("Xtreme Moves" along with Ellie)
  • Ellie - 1 ("Xtreme Moves" along with Todd)
  • Squabbles - 1 ("Out of Focus")
  • Cryptie - 1 ("The Mole Of Loch Ness" along with Zig and Zag)
  • Kringle - 1 ("Picture Solstice" along with Capture)
  • Capture - 1 ("Picture Solstice")
  • Glow - 1 ("Picture Solstice")
  • Foto - 1 ("Have It on Photo")


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