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"Science is seriously satisfying!"
-Alliteration for canon Internet Seasons 3 and 4

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Sniffles is a light blue anteater who is the most intelligent character in the series. He usually likes reading and doing science and math problems. He has made lots of inventions, which usually lead to the death of himself and others. He also likes to eat ants, but the ants usually kill him in a sadistic manner.


  • Sniffles and the Mole are the only canon characters to have glasses.
  • He is said to have gotten a 150 on his IQ.
  • He is is one of the two characters who are a big fan of Splendid, other being Toothy.
  • In early episodes, Sniffles had a long snout. Later starting in the TV series, his snout became shorter.
  • Sniffles has an unknown girlfriend who doesn't appear in the series.
  • Sniffles has suffered the most gruesome deaths in the series. (Debatable.)
  • He is one of the four main canon characters without a heart-shaped nose, the others are Lumpy, Truffles and Mr. Pickels
  • He and Nutty are shown to have a close friendship as shown in a few episodes, as well as it appears, that he even has gotten Nutty cured once in the False Alarm episode.
  • His voice actor,Liz Stuart also voices Willow, though Willow's voice is a bit girly.


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