While building a snowman, Toothy gets hit by a snowball. He turns around to find Icy standing next to a pile of snowballs. Toothy bids Icy hello and throws a snowball at him. Unfortunately they're standing near a cliff, and the force of Toothy's snowball causes Icy to slide off. Screaming, Toothy races after his friend.

Down the slope, Jussy is making a snow angel. Suddenly, Icy runs over her, flattening her and cutting her body in half. Toothy runs past the ailing and dying Jussy, still focused on Icy.

Further down the slope Wooly (who is clearly confusing his seasons) lies in a hammock, sunbathing. Icy slides by, causing Wooly's hammock to spin violently. As the hammock tightens around Wooly, his blood pours to the ground. After Toothy rushes by the hammock spins in the opposite direction, revealing a mangled Wooly.

Toothy finally catches up to Icy and manages to stop him right before he slams into a tree. Toothy breathes a sigh of relief. He looks up, however, to see icicles hanging overhead. He screams as two fall and pierce his eyes before a third, larger one, crushes his entire head. Before the episode ends, Icy hits Toothy with another snowball.

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