Solaris is a fan character.

Character Bio

Solaris is a magenta musk deer who possesses reality warping powers. She seems pretty and nice on the outside, but inside, she actually manipulative and wicked. Her goal is take over the world and drain the positive energy from anyone, but mostly goes around spreading chaos and messing with others.

When she dies, she turns into either fragments of purple crystal or pile of dark purple dust. She mostly comes out at night, as overexposure to the sun and bright lights are her main weakness. If she does come out during daylight, it is usually under a shade.

Her necklace contains magic forces that are powerful enough to bring extreme bad luck to other characters, and is even able to corrupt anyone who wears it.


In her default neutral form, Solaris has sharp fangs and brown hair with side bangs that cover one of her eyes, which are black with white crescent-shaped pupils. She wears a dark cape, hot pink leather jacket and a pink dress underneath along with a dice block necklace, as well as a crown with two hearts that represent her good and evil sides. Although she loves to cause mischief, she may come around to helping others, but often with a twist.

Her evil form is dark purple with shorter hair and dark clothing. This form of Solaris is abundant in dark magic and thrives on the misery of others, becoming more powerful on the negative energy. This was once her normal form until being magically contained.

When the dark magic within her body is taken over by light magic, she becomes pink with a light-colored dress and long blonde hair, lacking fangs. The good form of Solaris uses her reality warping powers to make people happy and solve problems. However, the sight of misery may tempt her back into neutral or even evil, depending on circumstances.





  1. Sounding the Siren - Killed by a sea mine (offscreen).
  2. Out of a Funk - Evaporates from bright light.
  3. Be-leaf in Magic - Burnt by the sun.
  4. Raining Over the Woods - Slammed by the tree.
  5. Flying Fox of Tolerance - Dissolved by lights.
  6. The Darkest Bite - Burnt to death.
  7. From Musk to Paws - Stabbed by her own staff.
  8. Tricks Up My Sleeve - Crushed by stage light.
  9. Face the Wrath - Dies from the sunlight and became ashes.
  10. Solaris' Night Smoochie - Blood: Drinks too much off her blood.
  11. Solaris' Night Smoochie - Bats: Gets attacked by bats.
  12. Solaris' Night Smoochie - Power: Her eyes and fangs pops out.


  • Cheesy - 1 ("Sounding the Siren")
  • Seerin - 1 ("Sounding the Siren" along with Russell)
  • Russell - 2 ("Sounding the Siren", "Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Raymond - 2 ("Be-leaf in Magic", "Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Sunset - 1 ("Be-leaf in Magic")
  • Random - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Stacy - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Paws - 2 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia, "From Musk to Paws")
  • Handy - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Ace - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Lumpy - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Mime - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Beava - 1 ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Generic Tree Friends - 2+ ("Flying Fox of Tolerance" along with Willia)
  • Sniffles - 1 ("The Darkest Bite" along with the Berry Sisters)
  • Berry Sisters - 1 ("The Darkest Bite")
  • Chompy - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Funky Skunk - 1 ("From Musk to Paws" along with Paws)
  • Crafty - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Diamond - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Uncle Jagger - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Aunt Chilly - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Mills - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Penry - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Mono - 1 ("Solaris Eclipsed")
  • Kadabra - 1 ("Tricks Up My Sleeve")


  • Despite that she has fangs, the real-life female musk deer don't have fangs.
  • Her favorite drink is blood.
  • Her original name was Impy.


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