Soldier of Misfortune is a HTF Fanon episode in which Squabbles ends up in the army.
Soldier misfortune

Barbed wire? Tires? Soldier outfit? This must be an army-themed carnival!

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  • Tiger Soldiers
  • Gtfs


Squabbles and Leif arrive at a bus stop, waiting to be picked up for camp. Soon a bus arrives and the two enter only to find everyone in military uniforms. Squabbles doesn't seem to notice ( or care) and takes a seat by Cuddles. Leif however attempt to leave but bus driver Lumpy shuts the door and Leif is forced to take a seat by Elliott who is snoring.

Soon the bus arrives at its stop and everyone exits to reveal a boot camp. Leif sighs as everyone heads in while Squabbles happily whistles a tune. Soon everyone is assigned to a cabin and Squabbles and Leif end up together. As soon as the two get situated a alarm goes off and the two pulled from the cabin. Soon everyone is seen running a obstical course. Cuddles and Leif are seen tangled up in barbed wire, Elliott is seen to have somehow completed the course along with The Mole and Squabbles is seen climbing a wall. Squabbles manages to climb to the top but as soon as he does, the wall collapses. Squabbled manages to survive with minor injuries and he arrives at the finish, followed shortly by Cuddles and Leif.

Later, everyone is seen getting ready to jump from a plane with Flippy as the pilot. Cuddles, Elliott and Squabbles quickly jump from the plane. Leif hesitates and The Mole ends up walking into some cargo and it falls over. Flippy hears this an quickly flips out, seeing Leif and The Mole as tiger soldiers. Flippy quickly attacks The Mole and cuts him in half with his knife. Leif sees this and in fear jumps from the plane, unfortunately his rip cord catches on some cargo and his parachute deploys and is sucked into the plane engine along with Leif.

Blood rains down on the others as they deploy their chutes and they freak out. Cuddles is quickly killed when in panic he collides with Elliott and the duo plummet to their deaths. Squabbles parachute it then torn open when Leif's antler lands on it. Squabbles screams as he plummets, however he lands on a tree and is slowed down by the branches until he hits the ground. Now badly hurt, Squabbles begins walking towards camp only to be crushed when the plane crashes into him.


  • Gtfs are crushed by the wall.
  • The Mole is cut in half by Flippy.
  • Leif is shredded by the engine.
  • Cuddles and Elliot fall to their deaths.
  • Sqabbles is crushed by the plane.
  • Flippy is killed when the plane crashes.
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